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How Banning Divorce in California Could Save Almost $5 Billion a Year


John Marcotte, the Sacramento man and self-described “concerned Christian,” is leading the effort to ban divorce in California with the California Marriage Protection Act. Shockingly, it doesn’t appear to have the same level of support as the state’s push to ban same-sex marriage. But maybe it will now: Outlawing divorce could save the cash-starved state $4.8 billion a year.

That’s the number the Institute for American Values came up with when estimated the true costs of “family fragmenting” — a figure that, to be sure, includes both the ramifications of divorce and bearing children out of wedlock. It’s an exhaustive look at just how expensive it is for a state to maintain so many broken families

With such clear tax savings, we recommend lawmakers pass the California Marriage Protection Act — but only with clear religious exceptions included. Namely, that divorce is banned among anyone who held their marriage ceremony inside a church; everyone else is free to separate. You know, to protect the church.