How the Recession Is Impacting the Mental Health of Gays

“The respected mental health charity, Mind, has this week published a disturbing new report presenting evidence that the recession is having a particularly adverse affect on men’s mental health. … Mental health problems impact upon certain groups of men in different ways, says Mind. African-Caribbean men are more likely to receive disproportionately aggressive treatment – they are three times more likely than white men to be formally detained under the Mental Health Act and are more likely to receive invasive medical treatments such as electroconvulsive therapy. Gay and bisexual men are at significantly higher risk too, being over four times more likely than heterosexual men to attempt suicide.” [Ekklesia]

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  • Oaklander

    No one in this country receives ECT unless with their consent, and usually under anesthesia, and at something like 1/12th the dose that used to be used. Does this refer to African_Caribbean men in Africa, or the Caribbean? Or somewhere else? Could have been an important and interesting article. A swing and a miss.

  • orpheus_lost

    @Oaklander: In case you didn’t notice, there is a link at the end of the entry that leads to the full article, which really is interesting. To help out, here’s the full link.

  • John

    I know that since this recession has started I have felt a little more retarded than usual, with hints of Spaztick every now and then, usually around bill time.

  • Dennis

    What is this ridiculous post doing on Queerty? Don’t you know the economy, or ANY OTHER PROBLEM we are facing has absolutely no relevance to the gay experience?!!!

    The ONLY important thing we have to discuss on this site is what a bigot and homphobe Obama is, and how he has had almost 4 whole months to establish himself as our dedicated savior, and yet he continues to be a President for all Americans, not just the gays. Fucking traitor!

  • michael

    By many of the comments I have seen on this site in regards to stories about Obama’s lack of action and attention to Gay Human Rights issues I would have to say the recession is having much more effect. There seems to be a huge amount of people who think Obama does not have the time for human rights issues because of all the checks he is having to write to crooked bankers and that war for oil that he is escalating in the middle east. Gays seem to rely on their cash for their happiness. After all, marrying who you wish, not living a lie in your job and other civil rights are not gonna pay the BMW payment nor keep its tank full now is it?


    @michael: Actually, YES, being able to keep your job does help very much with things like car payments and gas. And food, for that matter.

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