How to Get Ready for Supreme Court Ruling on Prop 8

Oh, the suspense! Is all this waiting for a Prop 8 decision killing you, too?

We have been on the edges of our seats all week. All month, really. Well, actually, since arguments back in March. Technically, we’ve been on edge ever since the Prop 8 case started in 2009. And also since the prior case, In re: Marriages, started in 2004. And since the first marriage ban passed in California in 2000. And since Evan Wolfson first wrote about marriage in the early 80s. And since Faygele Ben Miriam was denied a marriage license in 1971. And since the Codex Theodosianus banned marriage equality in the Roman Empire in the 5th century.

The point, is, we’ve been waiting a long time for this moment.

But once the decision comes, AFER has a huge team in place, ready to spring into action as soon as that ruling arrives. On the day of the decision, they’ll be rapidly updating in real time, with a live video feed of major events, a plain-English FAQ, information about the next steps, and how you can take action.

Take that, Codex Theodosianus.