HR Director Fired After Writing Anti-Gay Op-Ed Loses In Court

crystal_dixonOn Monday, a federal appeals court rejected a lawsuit filed by a human-relations director who was fired after she penned an op-ed piece challenging civil-rights protections for the LGBT community.

A three-judge panel affirmed a lower court’s dismissal of Crystal Dixon’s wrongful-termination suit against the University of Toledo, stating that her essay in the Toledo Free Press “contradicted the very policies she was charged with creating, promoting, and enforcing” and wasn’t protected by her First Amendment rights.

In April 2008, Dixon wrote in the Free Press that she took “great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are ‘civil-rights victims.’” She argued that while she “cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a black woman… daily, thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle” through reparative therapy.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports:

[Dixon] was fired after a hearing in which she stood by her views but argued that they did not affect her performance as a human-resources administrator, citing her recent decisions to hire “one, possibly two practicing homosexuals” in her own department.

Looks like “Some of my best friends are gay” doesn’t hold up in court, either.

Don’t worry about Dixon, though—she’s landed on her feet: In addition to becoming a motivational speaker and Mary Kay cosmetics rep, she wrote the Christian romance novel Destiny’s Time.



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  • Charli Girl

    Yes you will wake up tomorrow and be a black woman.And you WILL be discriminated against…And you WILL think about what we go through EACH AND EVERYDAY!!!! So kind of a win win for us,right ?

    If one group is oppressed we ALL are,dontcha think misssy?

  • petensfo

    You mean religious bigotry doesn’t protect me in the ‘real’ world? I can’t just pretend
    to tolerate gays while I mess with them behind their backs?

    She should probably appeal to Scalia, who no doubt, imagines she’s persecuted because she
    can no longer be an open bigot.

  • Ogre Magi

    What a dumb bible thumping bitch!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Luke 6-32–“If you [merely] love those who love you, what quality of credit and thanks is that to you? For even the [very] sinners love their lovers—those who love them.

  • CAxlRose

    What an idiot!

    I work in HR and I’ve never met an HR Director who made less than 100k.

    Was it worth throwing away a six-figure salary in this economy so you can spout your religiously charged ignorance?

    No WAY she’s making anywhere near that selling makeup and speaking in Churches.

  • Cam

    Bigotry is getting expensive isn’t it?

  • rand503

    I don’t get these people. They say that we choose a homosexual lifestyle, and that reparative therapy proves it. But if you have to go through therapy to change, then it isn’t a choice, is it?

    That leaves aside the fact that no one actually changes their orientation through any kind of therapy.

    I just don’t undertand the logic that these people use. I’m convinced it’s not about logic, but really just finding a “legitimate” way to hate gays.

  • ChiChi Man

    Thrilled they tossed her out on her homophobic ass and even more thrilled the courts did the right thing. If Anna Wintour wrote an Op-Ed calling for the end to wearing dresses and skirts, she too would be out of a job.

  • MK Ultra

    By her comment you can tell she is one of those people, to whom human rights = black rights exclusively (or whatever group the person belongs to).
    The thought is: “Only my group has suffered and faced discrimination. No one else has. And when we ourselves enact that same suffering and discrimination on others, it’s justified because no one else has been what we have been through. Only my people are victims”.
    Se clearly has multiple race issues and a personal racial ax to grind.
    Oh and btw, if Michael Jackson went from black to white, so can you.
    I’ll go to ex gay concentration camps the day that you and other “practising” black homophobes bleach that skin to a pearly white.

  • CM79

    @MK Ultra: Michael Jackson had–confirmed by his autopsy–vitiligo, you [email protected] ass. He didn’t “bleach” his skin. Beyond skin medical conditions that destroys pigmentation, no black person can go from black to white. And even in those cases, they still aren’t ‘White.’ For all intents and purposes, there is no such thing as “skin bleaching.” Clearly *you* have multiple race issues and a personal racial ax to grind.

  • FStratford


    Dude, I think the irony was lost on you. Michael Jackson can not turn white. Gays can not turn straight.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    and dip-shits can’t turn smart. There’s a shampoo for all those chips on your shoulder, CM79. Rise above the molecules, seeker.

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