Can't Comprehend Lighter Look At Serious Issues

HRC Staffer Proves Self Wrong

A particularly prickly HRC staffer just sent us this note with regard to our Atlanta drive-by follow-up:

You know, I get the point of Queerty. I really do. (And as my boss Joe Solmonese has proven, we HRC “suckers” actually do have a sense of humor.) But labeling a person – even in jest – who may help police find and arrest a person who fired into a crowd of innocent people as a “snitch” is just baffling.

Apparently this person doesn’t understand street slang – not that we can blame an HRC staffer for being out of touch. Or perhaps this person simply can’t comprehend our uber-highbrow humor.

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  • Leland Frances

    Loath as I am to agree with anyone from The Borg, er HRC, Christ of the Andes! Thin skin much? I was going to comment myself about your irresponsible use of the term “snitch” in relation to a shooting that defines the expression “part of the problem not part of the solution.”

    But how much time can one spend addressing your adolescent misuse of language? Mika is a “crooner”? When is he recording his homage to Bing Crosby or Tony Bennett? “Coppers”? No one’s demanding ashes and sackcloth, but are you a blog evolving from a still-discrimated against minority experiencing both highs and lows—or a virtual comic book written by Chris Crocker and William Sledd? 50s-TV’s childlike “cub reporter Jimmy Olsen” may have been played straight by a real life gay man, but you’re real life gay men playing playing Net gay Jimmy Olsen’s. “Where are you, Superman? I’m trapped and they’re going to plug me if you don’t get here soon!” Possibly you could benefit from less time spent in the company of Metropolis pseudo hip Queerer Than Thous.

    Your site can be fun, informative, erotic, even, however rarely, thought-provoking, but too often your write-before-thinking turns words among stories both trivial and serious into the equivalent of adult acne; ugly, irritating pimples that need popped.

  • Nico

    Actually, I agree with the HRC staffer…I don’t see the humor.

  • WWH

    Lighten up, guys – it’s Friday!

  • Jon

    Wow, I never thought I’d argree with Leland, ‘cuz he’s usually rude to me, but I do argree with him.

    The use of “snitch” was a very negative thing to do. Anyone who helps the police find the gutter trash who do these horrible crimes should be labled “hero” not “snitch”.

  • andrew

    Hi readers, thanks for the responses. For the record, I stick by my original use of “snitch”. If you can’t have a little fun with things, then what’s the point? I suggest some of you lighten up. Self-seriousness leads to premature death. It’s a totally unproven fact.

    As for you Leland, if you find Queerty so terrible, why do you keep reading? If we’re so dreadfully snooze worthy, why do you take the time to keep posting your consistently negative viewpoints? Adult acne, indeed.

    Stay golden,

  • Jon

    Andrew, why didn’t you just use “nigger” instead of “snitch”? Would it have been fun then? It’s the same thing. And it’s NOT OK to have a little fund with things when someone’s been shot.

    With that being said…Lighten up everyone. Get a sense of humour.

  • zeami99

    this is another example of Queerty not owning up to the full implications of what they writes…as if Queerty controlled the full meanings and interpretations of words. of course not – so one should write responsibly, not somerthing queerty does as a rule.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    The HRC advocates – fresh from another circuit or embassy row cocktail party – are hard at work compromising the civil rights of LGB and sometimes T, Americans according to the DLC playbook with a few pragmatic and game-playing moderate Republicans to boot. The latter group know when to play nice with their neocon leaders, and when to give an inclination of support with a large caveat of betrayal possibility. They do that too.

    Barak Obama has seen the dance that the HRC does since Cheryl Jacques was removed. He thought that if DLC pragmatist-in-chief Barney Frank could hold out for civil unions over marriage in MA, then he could make lambs lay down with lions. Instead of hugging the lamb, the true purpose of the lion was BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER. Speak about a high-protein meal.

  • Vaginalooz

    Snitch is right. He was looking for self publicity. He asked magazines to let him write for them and be featured. He is a self-promoting, pig!

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