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  • DanGOP

    Thank God. Huckahillbilly is gone…now if only we could get rid of Obama, and get to the two real candidates.

  • fredo777

    I’ll never feel bad for that guy. And I still don’t get why so many of us gays are in support of Hillary over Obama, who’s been much more inclusive of us in his campaigning, even despite some hitches along the way.

    Meh. I still support him.

  • kevin57

    Why miss Yukkabee? If they weren’t still dreaming of the perfect Jesus candidate, the evangelists would have jumped on his bandwagon a long time ago.

    Even so, his withdrawl from the race–and in reality a very mediocre showing in all–may signal that the Self-Righteous Religious Right may be on the wane in American politics, even within the GOP.

    Actually, I’m feeling better about McCain. I think he would and actually could do away with DADT. He’s got the ‘cred’ to pull it off and the brains to know it’s a foolish policy. Obama and Hillary may be pledged to do it, but the Congress would eat them alive before letting it go through.

  • DanGOP

    I agree with you, Kevin57, on most of what you said. The only thing I have to note is that Clinton, unlike what most people think, does have the credibility on military and foreign policy that Obama doesn’t. She could persuade Congress to do away with DADT.

    I still think, though, that Obama will get eaten alive in the general, and his name will go down with Dukakis, and Mondale as candidates who couldn’t walk away with a quarter of the EV, let alone a majority.

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