Huckabee Keeps Ryan White’s Mom Waiting

Republican Mike Huckabee’s left Ryan White’s mom high and dry – again.

Huckabee agreed last month to meet with Jeanne Ginder-White after the former Governor’s HIV quarantine comments made headlines. Presidential candidate Huckabee, however, has yet to get in touch with Ginder-White. And activists are pissed: blockquote>”We are still waiting for the meeting,” said A. Gene Copello, Executive Director of The AIDS Institute. “It is our sincere hope that Governor Huckabee will keep his word given to Jeanne White-Ginder that he will meet with her,” said Copello.

“Is Governor Huckabee a man of his word or is this just more typical political double-speak?” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. “It has been 29 days, Jeanne White-Ginder and the HIV/AIDS advocacy community continues to wait.”


Huckabee, do yourself a favor and sit down with Ginder-White. At least for a photo-op to prop up that “compassionate” persona.

*Has Solmonese forgotten his ENDA double speak?