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Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson goes full-frontal in Hulu’s new “Future Man” series

From Hunger Games to Thirst Trap…

One way to get people to watch your show: stick a handsome young actor in it, and make sure he parades around naked in the very first episode.

Oh, and if he squirts a particularly fake jolt of cum in a male superhero’s general direction? Well, that’s even better.

So goes the sage creative decision made by producers of Hulu’s new “Future Man” series.

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The show, which premiered Wednesday evening, features Josh Hutcherson flopping around with a clearly prosthetic piece of manhood. (At least we’re assuming it’s prosthetic since it looks like it couldn’t adequately fit into a pair of sweat pants.)

You can get a strong sense of the sorta-sexy, sorta-WTF scene by checking out this link.

We should probably warn you it’s strikingly NSFW, unless you happen to work over at the prosthetic penis factory with dear sweet Enid, or freelance for a league of particularly well-endowed superheroes.