josh-hutcherson-wallpaper-hd-hd-wallpapers-1Dear celebrities,

If you take pictures of your junk and send them to other people, we will find them.

The Internet

Seems like the message came a little too late for Hunger Games star and too cute straight ally Josh Hutcherson, who is the latest celebrity literally caught with his pants down in a sexting scandal. (No, it’s not a gay sexting scandal, and we’re pretty upset about that.)

According to Life of the Rich and Famous, the photo you’re looking at below (the uncensored version, of course) is a shot of Hutcherson’s beautiful peen, which he used to send to ladies on an unnamed dating site—along with a video of himself beating his meat—under the alias “Connor.”


While it’s essential to point out that Josh has a younger bother named Connor who could have inspired the alias, you should also know that almost everyone is calling BS. Unfortunately, this dude is standing at an angle that would hide Hutcherson’s giant tattoo, so no dice on identifying marks.

Whoever this man is, one thing’s for sure: The person that claims to be withholding a video of Josh Hutcherson playing with his joystick is truly evil, and we won’t believe a word of it until we see it in full. (Please send to us, thanks.)

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