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‘I don’t think there’s one threat to the gay community. I think it’s … the sort of white male Republican hypocritical trip that has been going on in this country for so many years’

SOUNDBITES — “I don’t think there’s one threat to the gay community. I think it’s more of just a general philosophy going back once again to the sort of white male Republican hypocritical trip that has been going on in this country for so many years. They feel that they have to uphold the morals of this country, and it’s all hidden behind the cloak of religion and God. That’s all falling away obviously, with their own sort of experiences that have been revealed recently. Eventually people are just going to have to live together. We all live on the planet; it’s just that we have to make it work.” —Sandra Bernhard, whose new album Whatever It Takes hits August 25, on gay foes (via

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  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    There are many threats towards the gay populous. Any threats from us is probably about white shoes after Labor Day!

  • Dennis

    Can’t wait for her new albumn/CD. It’s been far too long.

  • Jaroslaw

    Sarah is no dummy, but I (possibly) have to differ with her quote “…they feel it is their job to uphold the morals of this country… through the cloak of religion & God.”

    Perhaps the rank & file Republicans feel that way, but the guys running the show at the top simply discovered God & religion worked as ways to get what they wanted done and keep power, both over their followers and to run the country.

    Obviously the upper echelon can’t believe what they say about morals or they wouldn’t be having so many scandals. And while we’re at it, how can the rank and file be so dumb? Everyone knows someone who has cheated on their spouse, heard a story about a minister who stole from their church, had a baby out of wedlock (tons of those) and on & on. Perhaps the explanation, at least in part, is that age old problem of people believe “facts & figures” they already WANT to believe.

  • vito

    More racist, sexist blather from Sandra. Check the demographics on Prop 8 before reducing all opposition to gay rights as a “white male Republican hypocritical trip”. Best to ignore this one and move on.

  • M Shane

    The statement is so simply right that it hardly needs saying.
    The politics that brought on the phoney Iraq War and made the U.S into an unequaled imperialist threat to the world; that controls the multinational Corporate/Military prioity over everything; that seeks to undermine any philosophy that might be a threat to the Paternalistic order of things is the power that sees gays and gayness as being subversive to the male dominated heterosexual hegimony.

    Certainly Religious Afro-American blacks see this as their chance to bite into the illusory American Dream Cake. By pushing this Black Men’s movement, the point is for the men to be the “head of the family,” controler and wage earner.

    No more free rides for anyone, no pompus women and no fags (in the Military!) They are always going to see the equation of Man+Man marrying as a perversion of the Paternalistic order of things.

    We elected Bush in 2004, regardless of the fact that he had broken with nearly every Priciple in America’s makup. indiscriminately. If gays even believed really that they they had any place in this circus they would have asked Bush and the Neocons that run the Republican party to let them be married, etc.
    As it is the Democratic Party has taken such an extreme foray into the Rights playing feild that you can barely tell the to apart.
    Until this country has been given back to the people; all the people, and taken away from the Economic and Military power that overshadows everything and the constitution is restored, we can forget about being more than a subversive group.

  • Brian

    She correctly defines the problem as “religion.” That’s the enemy, not republicans – they’re just the “believers.” We need to reject the BELIEFS. Those hateful, hurtful religious beliefs.

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