If This Is Whitney Houston’s Comeback, Why Is It Such a Disaster?

After Danyl Johnson performed Whitney Houston’s “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” was X Factor all diva’d out? H to the N! Ms. Houston herself took the stage during this week’s show to perform “Million Dollar Bill.” It was a mess.

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  • dk

    What was a mess? Because she started the song too soon? She recovered fine and started again. Because her dress came undone? Because she didn’t know the exact day her cd was being released? Please, it’s not her job to remember the tedious details. That’s what the suits and publicists are for. I don’t know how many stages you’ve stepped out on, but in a live performance things happen. It’s not the mistake, it’s how you recover. (no pun intended) No I’m not a crazed Whitney fan, but everybody is just nit picking and looking for things to criticize.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Considering Paula Abdul lip synced on American Idol, this wasn’t terrible. Her dress did come undone and it was a panic moment.


  • Kenny

    It was NOT a mess. She looked great and she sounded great! And she still worked the hell out of that stage DESPITE her dress breaking. What a trooper! Such a real diva. Her energy and her stage presence is off the chain! Love her.

  • Yasuri Yamileth

    I wonder if she misses how good her voice once was … I mean her voice is kinda busted now.

  • Fitz

    She’s not a mess. Just a little boring and diminished. I had hoped that she would have developed something to say, so I was a little let down. But as money-making pop– she’s doing fine.

  • asa1973

    BTW, I know you think he’s cute and everything, but Daryl Johnson was the mess. He sings like his voice originates from his nasal passages and his nostrils are stuffed with cotton swabs. Even on her absolute worst day, Whitney could sing “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” better.

    Whitney was not a mess. Her voice might never be what it used to be, but if you compare this to some of her recent live performances, her voice is actually getting clearer, crisper, and she is able to go higher than she even did on the record. She’s still healing.

    Also, things happen on stage. That’s why it’s live. At least she didn’t pull an Assssslee or Jessica Simpson. He handled it all like a true professional. She kept going…

  • ricky

    what, no bobby brown says whitney is a dyke in his new book story?

  • Mike

    She was a mess, thank God we still have the one and only Mariah Carey – The Voice and amazing Celine Dion. Whitney is over. R.I.P. Nippy.

  • Greg

    Sorry Mike, Whitney was phenomenal once she got things going during this clip… and I’m not even a fan. As far as Mariah and Celine… hell to the yawn (but that’s just a personal opinion).

  • ACE

    Thank God we still have Mariah Carey? Are you serious?? Is that a joke? LMAO. She does NOTHING on stage but stand there and lipsynch! She has absolutely no stage presence at all and she is not a “real” live performer. She’s nothing but a studio trick. So I really hope you were joking with that comment. Whitney will wipe the floor with WHISPERiah, any day! Please.

  • Cheeky

    Another mindless attack on Whitney by MOs at Queerty. Is Queerty an informative blog or just another sleazy TMZ-esque bitchfest from those with the IQs of cantaloupes? I fear the latter.

  • Javier

    Wow, she sounded AND looked great. Excellence performance.

  • tinecktadots

    one of my favorite jokes is : “I’m sweating like Whitney on crack!”

  • crackpipe

    looks like she’s passed on the crackpipe to her fan(atics) if they acknowledge this was cringe worthy.

  • whitney's back!

    Love this performance! She looks gorgeous and she is really working that stage like the true diva she is. Welcome back, Whit!

  • Frizzy

    I agree with Mike, Mariah is the greates singer ever unlike that crackhead. :)

  • Fitz

    I retract my earlier statement with full apologies. THAT WAS SAD. Baby girl needs to seriously build up her physical strength if she gets winded that easily. I am not saying this at all as a bitch– I am really hoping she gets physically stronger. ASAP.

  • craig

    whitneys great! she performed this song yesterday on Italy’s X Factor and sang it even better than here! whitney 4 life. mariah sucks. lipsynching whore :)

  • Sexy Rexy

    One bad Whitney performance is better than ten good ones by Janet Jackson or twenty from Britney or that Lady Gaga creature.

  • Doug

    Sadly she is now gone forever now

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