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If You Need Help In The Underwear Department, Your Prayers Are Answered

unnamed-4The Underwear Expert Kickstarter has officially launched, and it’s the first step in making our expertise a truly visceral experience. How? By creating our very own underwear of the month club! This is also a great gift idea for those who need some help in the underwear department.

As the leading experts on all things men’s underwear, you can rest assured that this subscription will do more than make your life easier. It can make your life more comfortable, more sexy, even more moisture wicking. This is e-commerce like you’ve never seen before.

After telling us a little about you, The Underwear Expert team searches brands both well-known and obscure for your perfect pairs of underwear. Sure other underwear clubs exist, but The Underwear Expert’s subscription is the only one curated to suit your particular style and taste, backed by the largest, most respected site in the world.


The Underwear Expert CEO & Founder Michael Kleinmann knows better than anyone how overwhelming it can be shopping for men’s underwear. Michael was the President of Freshpair for 10 years before starting The Underwear Expert. Following up on that success, The Underwear Expert has now published over 6,000 underwear articles and featured hundreds of designers and have the inside track on all things men’s underwear related. Needless to say, we really are the experts. And with your help, we can give you the most masterful collection of underwear.

You can read more about the Kickstarter here.

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Photo Credit: The Underwear Expert