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If You Want America To Love You, It’s Better To Be A Married Gay Dad Than A Single Mom

Gay and lesbian families are more accepted by Americans than those headed up by single moms, a new Pew Research Center survey of 2,691 people finds. Under the broad category of “nontraditional families,” gays and single parents — generally referred to as DESTROYING AMERICA by your Perkins and Donohues — are always thrown under the bus ahead of “traditional families,” where mom and dad are raising 2.4 perfect children.

The survey found that when it comes to opinions overall on non-traditional families, such as those with gay and lesbian parents, single mothers, and unmarried parents, the country is split three ways: a third of Americans (dubbed Acceptors by Pew) are comfortable with a wide variety of family situations, a third (Rejectors) consider non-traditional arrangements to be damaging to the country’s social fabric, while the final third (Skeptics) are mixed in their views — approving of some arrangements, but not others.

[…] The vast majority of Acceptors and Skeptics believe gay and lesbian families are at least OK — and might even bring something positive to society. But single mothers are less accepted, the poll found. That’s where Acceptors and Skeptics differ the most, says Paul Taylor, executive vice president of the Pew Research Center. “If you took out the question about single mothers, there would be only two groups: Acceptors and Rejectors,” Taylor says. While 98 percent of Acceptors think there’s nothing wrong with women raising their children alone, 99 percent of Skeptics and 98 percent of Rejectors believe that’s bad for society. (The survey only asked about single mothers, not single fathers.)

So how come gays are suddenly (a brighter) beacon of good families than they were just 10 years ago? Because when you’ve got two daddies or two mommies, you’ve still go two parents, which is always better than one, apparently.