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  • Randall Krause

    I’m so proud to be from Illinois! We’re making headlines for human rights. This is a day for all bisexual, pansexual, and gay people and allies to celebrate another victorious step closer to true equality in our state!

  • reason

    Democrats that were mercilessly vilified on this site are once again moving the ball forward. When the GOP takes over state houses across the country the people that crossed the party or sat at home will have their regressive wishes fulfilled.

  • edgyguy1426

    so, to Cardinal Francis George who railed against civil unions in the press, a big FUCK YOU.

  • John

    Reason: You can get cocky when DADT repeal is passed. Democrats have seriously blown it on that and ENDA too despite the huge majorities they once had in both Houses of Congress.

  • counterpoll

    NOM and FRC are no doubt caught by surprise by this news because even many locals thought the downstate Senators and House members’ vote (e.g. Anywhere South of Chicago = most of the state!) would keep this bill from getting to the Governor’s desk.

    Congrats to my many friends and colleagues throughout the state and hats off to all those who made this happen,

  • Ralph T. Howarth, Jr.

    Civil Unions is nothing but counterfeit marriage and government endorsement of criminal sexual behavior known in the Common Law as the “crime against nature” such as sodomy or bestiality.

    Randall Krause:
    Criminal sexual behavior such as the crime against nature is not a human right! And matters are getting worse: You can now get prosecuted a felony for speaking out against such criminal behavior, go to prison, get raped by a homosexual, contract AIDS, and die.

  • SteveC

    It’s a shame that Illinois won’t legislate for equality. Having said that, I do recognise that civil partnership apartheid is indeed progress.

    As for the idiot who is using this news to promote the Democrats – well don’t worry. I only judge Obama by the promises and stateeents he makes.

    he supports civil partnership apartheid.

    He promised that DOMA and DADT would be repealed during his presidency and that ENDA would be enacted.

    He has 2 years to achieve ALL these promises. Otherwise I am voting Green.

  • tjr101

    @SteveC: As if voting Green will get those things done any faster, lol

  • declanto

    In Norway, the progression to full equality went:
    1. Decriminalization of homosexuality and declassifying homosexuality as a mental illness.
    2. Partnerships/civil unions equal to marriage allowed (as in the pending law in Illinois)
    3. Full marital equality.
    It’s taken 25 years but here we are, fully equal in spite of the bigoted religious fringe.
    Illinois is a pioneer state as far as civil rights are concerned, and will probably be the decisive domino to topple the injustice of marital discrimination nationwide.

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