Oh lord

Indiana florist shows gay man the door after learning of sinful same-sex wedding

A gay couple celebrates their wedding day

A man says a local Indiana florist decided not to provide flowers for his wedding after she learned that he was — gasp — marrying a man, Mary!

It’s the sort of story that on the one hand we can’t believe is still a thing, but on the other, is so very 2018 it hurts.

David Elliott posted his story to Facebook after visiting Avon Florist on July 19.

He says he went over his wedding needs with the shop owner, but the discussion soured when he revealed his betrothed is a man.

Speaking to local news, he recounted how the conversation went:

“She said, ‘What does your bride need?'”
“I said, ‘Well, there is no bride.'”
“Then she said, ‘Well, then I’m going on vacation and I can’t help you.'”
“I took that to mean because of my relationship, she couldn’t help me out”

Read his full post below:

Multiple small businesses in Indiana have made national news for refusing to serve LGBTQ people everything from baked goods to pizza.

Rather than standing up for its vulnerable communities, the state instead passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which protects business owners from being forced to provide services on religious grounds.

The law says it cannot be used to discriminate against gay people, but that looks to be an awfully fuzzy line.