Indiana, Of All Places, Introduces The Nation’s First LGBT License Plate

Ever wanted to flaunt your commitment to gay rights on your pimped-out ride? Residents of Indiana can do just that with a new LGBT-awareness license plate.

WXIN Fox 59 reports that the plates feature the logo of the Indiana Youth Group, a teen LGBT group that advocates  tolerance and provides training for schools and service agencies. Low-number plates will be given as a “thank you” to those who make a donation to IYG.

Kudos to the network for running a gay-interest story, but some of the commenters’ remarks are predictably idiotic

Angela11 writes:

“Gag, next we’ll have NAMBLA wanting a ‘special’ plate.”

And the slightly more pleasant keameister posted:

“I don’t really care what your orientation may be. But they need to stop stuffing this down people’s throats. Same thing as all these ‘History’ months they have.  If they want us all to be equal then stop promoting yourself separately.”

Right, so you’ll be scraping that “Just Married” sign off your car? Or what about the “My child is an honor roll student at Smith Elementary School” sticker?

Because we’re getting a little tired of your hetero lifestyle being shoved in our faces.