Infographic Reveals How Often We Lie On Hookup Apps (A Lot)

hookup-fakesA new infographic from the folks at analyzes the lies us gays tell on hookup apps — from penis size to physical appearance — as well as our various mating habits.

Nearly 4,000 gay men, aged 18-65, responded to a survey we first told you about back in February. Of those, 83 percent admitted to sending dick pics — a statistic GrabHim seems “shocked” by. Meanwhile, taking a look-see at my inbox, I’m shocked how loosely 17 percent of people define “dick pic.”

The survey also revealed bias against HIV-positive men, with 57 percent of respondents indicating that they were “unlikely” or “highly unlikely” to initiate contact with a poz man. Perhaps due to this stigma, 10 percent of HIV-positive men don’t disclose their status until specifically asked, though 43 percent tend to state it in their profile.

30 percent of men don’t need a face pic to hook up, while 31 percent don’t need the truth — that’s the amount of men who admit to lying about their physical appearance. That would make the number of unsuccessful hookups understandable — 45 percent of guys who end up physically meeting don’t actually get down to sexy business.

Finally, proving that there is life after love — or at the very least, lust — 71 percent of users reported developing some sort of “sexual relationship” from a hookup app. GrabHim was also shocked by this statistic, considering all the “bail-outs” and lying. Ah, modern romance.

Check out the full infographic below:

h/t: Joe. My. God.

Les Fabian Brathwaite, grinding for your love.