Inspiring Speech From Son Of Two Moms Is YouTube’s Most-Watched Political Video Of 2011

With over 18.3 million views, the impassioned speech by a son of two gay moms topped YouTube’s list of most-watched political videos this year. In the video, which you probably have already seen, Zach Wahls emotionally beseeches the Iowa State House not to approve a bill that would let voters ban gay marriage and civil unions.

The Iowa legislature didn’t listen to Wahls, but at least his message rung true for the YouTube community at large. In the long run, millions of people exposed to a perfectly normal product of gay parenting is greater than 50-some small-minded politicians.

It wasn’t the only gay-themed clip to top the list, either.

While Obama’s skewering Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner was the second most-popular, Rick Perry’s “brokeback” campaign ad—that wondered why gays can serve openly in the military but kids can’t praise Jeebus at school during Christmastime—came in third.  We’re guessing/praying that most of the seven million people who watched the ridiculous Perry ad did so to make fun of it rather than support it.

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