Life After Trump

Iowa Minister Finds Homophobic Note Pinned Under Windshield By Trump Supporter


“You always hear about these kinds of things, but you never think they’ll happen to you or those you love and care for.”

That’s Randy Lee Webster, Minister of Faith and Worship at First Presbyterian Church of Burlington, Iowa, writing about his reactions after allegedly finding a hateful note pinned beneath the windshield of his car.

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The note, which he shared on his Facebook page, reads:

“So, father homo —

How does it feel to have Trump as your president?

At least he’s got a set of balls. They’ll put marriage back where God wants it and take yours away.

America’s gonna take care of your faggity ass.”

Webster responded to the message in an emotional Facebook post:

We are ok, we are strong folk with a strong faith, and we have a myriad of people who have already expressed their care for us. I worry about those who are neither as strong or have support systems for themselves, and especially for children who find themselves being bullied because they are different somehow. The dark underside of our society must feel that it has been given permission to express bottled up fear and hatred. I can only hope that we hold all those we love and care for close, and to pray always for those in our society who have no hope. Perhaps that’s our greatest vocation.”