Life After Trump

20 Accounts Of Trump Supporters Calling Us “Fa*gots” To Our Faces


An investigation has been launched into two LGBT flags being burned in Rochester, New York. A gay man was reportedly physically attacked in Santa Monica mere hours after Trump was elected president. And this could just be the tip of the iceberg.

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On top of numerous reports of attacks on people of color in the aftermath of election night, gay men and lesbians are coming forward on Facebook and Twitter to share their own traumatic experiences in the last 48 hours.

If these accounts are to be believed, the future is looking pretty damn terrifying. The upside, if there is an upside, is now we know exactly what we’re up against. 




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  • GayEGO

    And the Trump mess begins. I would not be surprised if Trump gets impeached, after all, if Nixon was impeached for his Watergate scandal, Trump will do a lot of worse things!

  • Xzamilloh

    So quite a few of these are third hand accounts of “their friend” or someone they know being called “fag” or “faggot”… and the rest? I’m sorry, but I am at outrage fatigue level and just want some video, like the one on TMZ of the white woman calling some black guy the n-word as they left a voting place. They were all arguing, and being physical, but instances like that are hard to deny. Little blurbs on Twitter and Tumblr? Yeah, I’m not holding my breath.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND?

    YEAH, create nonsense hysteria based on nothing.

    LOL posting stupid comments from Twitter that DON’T EVEN MENTION TRUMP?????

    Where’s your evidence that these STORIES are TRUE and that it even WAS a Trump supportor??

    Cut the crap.

    And HOW would some guy in a pickup driving by someone know they were gay.

    PATHETIC. Especially considering Trump has NEVER been accused of homophobia and was the first GOP to recognize LGBT people AND hold the rainbow flag on stage.


  • edwardnvirginia

    Let’s see … I count 24 times that Queerty deployed ‘redneck’ as hate speech to malign, stigmatize and harm people that they didn’t like.

    And, we’ve filed numerous complaints with the SF Human Rights agency for Queerty’s antisemitism but the agency says it is too busy to monitor Queerty.

    Shame on all of you.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    I’m laughing my ass off.

    The Will Hackney guy posted NOTHING on Twitter. Therefore got NO namecalling. That Tweet was on someone else’s post.

    He posted a rant on Facebook and got a bunch of sympathetic replies.


  • Mo Bro

    I feel quite certain you can find “20 Accounts of (fill in the blank)” on Twitter regarding any activist’s outrage and it would be just as meaningless as these.

  • DDstar1me

    O.M.G you guys. I was just told by one of my nearest and dearest gay friends that I am too fat to wear skinny jeans. What a hateful thing to say. I wonder if he voted for Trump. This makes me nervous too. I should be able to wear whatever I want without the name calling. As gay men we should stick together in these uncertain times. I shouldn’t be worried if I’m too fat.

  • Brian

    Oh, please – I’ve heard gay-identifying men utter the modt homophobic slurs known to mankind.

  • mc4bbs

    … and it begins

    I wish I could transport some of you to the 70s to see what REAL HATE was.

    How about the 80s when we were called AIDS-spreaders and told to “just die!”

    No laws have changed YET. None of our rights have been removed YET.

    We need to remain vigilant and unified.

    If that involves doing a few unsavoury things or making some sacrifices, so mote it me.

    I won’t go so far as to condemn burning churches or shooting republicans… yet.

  • joeyty

    @mc4bbs: Give it a break. You said you wanted Bernie anyway.

  • joeyty

    How can they shout anything at their faces? None of the queerty “journalists” ever show their faces.

  • Truth-is-Truthy

    I have been repeatedly attacked online about half a dozen times, each from a different person, (some of whom continued the attack more than once). The statements made to me include things such as that I should not have the right to vote, that I should be expelled from the country, that I should be executed … all because I am gay. The excuse given is that this is “Trump’s America” and that “fags” deserve to die and will no longer be allowed in America. When replying my attempt was to be calm, polite, and to ask why they felt that way and how they can justify it as being consistent with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The answers given are along the lines of “gay people are abnormal and don’t have rights”, that if I “don’t like it get the f out”. The examples could be multiplied but you get the gist of it. These attacks are similar in nature to what happened after Brexit at least in terms of immigrants. After the referendum passed immigrants all over England reported attacks, and hate-filled speech about how it will now be legal to kill them, expel them, that they don’t have any rights any further, etc… It seems that along with the Nationalism arising around the globe there is the sudden justification of hatred, elimination of fundamental human rights, and physical violence against “the others”.

  • joeyty

    @mc4bbs: How about we get back at homophobes by doing artwork portraying Mohammad sucking off another guy and sign it Chaz A. ?

  • joeyty

    The worst anti-gay massacre in U.S. history happened after Obama visited a homphobic mosque and praised them. Of course you won’t go there.

  • mc4bbs

    @mc4bbs: BY THE WAY:

    I consider a Mosque a “church”.

    Only entitled white males consider Christian churches the “only churches”.

    Mosques, churches, temples, meetinghouses, synagogues, anywhere that our oppressors meet and plot against us.

    I’m pissed about Trump, but I see this as an inroad to make radical change from within. For too long we’ve been complacent with what we have and have not needed to fight oppressors. This will change. The GAY ARMY will rise and I’ll be on the front lines.

  • Opine2

    On any other day of the year of course no one is called a fag and no one is queer bashed.

    Stop trying to spread fear.

    Maybe you should rename the site ‘Snowflake Queerty’

  • mc4bbs

    @joeyty: Yep, I wanted Bernie.

    Obviously, a lot of people DID NOT want Hillary, so we’re all stuck with Trump now.

    Get ready to SUFFER or get ready to FIGHT.

  • joeyty

    @mc4bbs: Fight who ?? LOL. The next Pulse massacre ? Maybe Trump WILL prevent it.

  • joeyty

    @mc4bbs: Who the hell are you kidding ? You weren’t angry enough about the Pulse massacre but you’re angry about Trump ???? Because he got in instead of Hillary who won’t even SAY “radical Islam ?”

  • joeyty

    @mc4bbs: Fight who ?? This I gotta hear. Because I was gaybashed only once in my life, by a black gang on the subway, when Clinton was in office. And gaybashings hit an all-time high in NYC during Obama’s reign. So…who am I getting ready to fight NOW that Trump is in office?

  • mc4bbs

    @joeyty: Stop attacking ONE religion. Many of them want you dead, stop being blinded by your hate of Islam and learn to hate ALL of them.

  • joeyty

    @mc4bbs: Maybe so, but statistically one has tried to kill us way more than its share. Now….remove the ballgag and answer the questions.

  • joeyty

    @mc4bbs: I’ll hook up with you anytime. And I’ll kick pork up the ass of any homophobic Muslim. But answer the questions.

  • joeyty

    @mc4bbs: You know my email. We can exchange numbers. But I want to know who these new gaybashers are going to be since Trump is in office.

  • joeyty

    @mc4bbs: STOP going along with Queerty, Fat Joe Jervis, Ken Kidd, Andy Towle, Signorile, and Avarosis and their pathetic fictional sissy fantasies about this new rampaging breed of white gaybashing villains just because they’re ticked off Trump won fair and square.

  • Terry Asher

    Abide Tenets of Inception, not Corruption of Conception;Live,Love,Learn,Respect,Choice,ListenWithin,by means of Share &Trade!Jubilee-Accountability,Freeing of Slaves(Tax),Restoration of Lands and Titles of Freed! Basic Income for All. Amen!

  • Truth-is-Truthy

    I’m shocked that there are so many comments criticizing this article or questioning its veracity or legitimacy. There are reports all over the country of gay people and African-Americans facing a sudden and overwhelming amount of open bigotry in ways we’ve not experienced before, at least not in the same way. There’s always been bigotry, of course. Yet it’s one thing if some ignorant neighbor calls us a fag, or a kid is bullied in school because he’s gay, but it’s quite another when you have a large group of people who believe that the election of Donald Trump was a mandate to abuse, beat up, expell, or even kill us and that gay people will “finally” be “taken care of” as we “deserve”. Surely this is not representative of ALL Trump supporters, but a large number believe that by choosing him America will be somehow miraculously returned to the days when gay people were hidden. Yesterday I was reading an article from a female columnist but despite a frantic search can’t remember her name nor the publication or blog she was writing in (maybe someone here remembers reading what I’m referring to). In it she pointed out that, among other things, she has had to unfriend dozens of Christian friends and family from Facebook who were Tuesday night and Wednesday openly calling for the execution of homosexuals because Trump’s election is to them a mandate – apparently he’s God’s anointed selection for turning America back to God and away from the evils of progress and increasing liberties which they believe is destroying America – thus “Make America Great Again” to them means repealing Roe v Wade, gay marriage rights, civil rights, guaranteed health care, etc…

  • joeyty

    @Truth-is-Truthy: That’s because they’re all such bitter fools they have to start making up stories about gays and racial minoritiies getting attacked all over the place at Trump’s election. They’re liars, plain and simple, and those who believe them are suckers or just want to pretend along.

  • joeyty

    And every TIME we have a Democrat President we have an uptake in gaybashings. From Matthew Shepard to the Pulse massacre.

  • jhon_siders

    Maybe more gays should not be scared of fire arms and seek out your local chapter of the Pink Pistols learn how to safely handle a weapon and get your states CCW permit then you can defend your self because the police cant or wont be there to save your butt from a basher or robber !!

  • joeyty

    @jhon_siders: No, that’s politically incorrect. After the Pulse massacre the silly NYC activists (all out-of-towners) protested firearms outside Trump Towers (I kid you not) because they’re too cowardly to protest a mosque. Gays Against Guns!

  • He BGB

    That part about the 70s reminds me of when I was in college in the late 70s in Athens Ga, crossing the street in my plumb colored hot pants and my t shirt that said free and easy and some guy in a car at the stoplight yelling you’re a fag. I was so crushed because I thought I looked cute.

  • Xzamilloh

    @Truth-is-Truthy: “I’m shocked that there are so many comments criticizing this article or questioning its veracity or legitimacy.”

    You’re shocked that people are exercising skepticism? Sorry, but Twitter and Tumblr have become the bastions for virtue signaling and reporting injustices… you have to be careful when believing certain stories. Hell, I got caught up in believing a story on here, only to find out the supposed victim was the aggressor.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Keep drinking the Kool-aid. The mainstream Democratic Media Complex make it taste so good.

  • Mick406

    Just WHO are these people supposedly taking away the rights of gay people? I’ve never had any taken away from me, whether a Democrat or Republican was in office. WHY would these people say they were attacked and called names? I’m never called names. You’ve got to do something to instigate problems most of the time if you are mistreated.

    You don’t stick your gay face into the face of someone else and flaunt your ‘gaiety’. No one knows you are gay unless you make a spectacle of yourself. Stop provoking people and you can walk about calmly and seldom ever experience a confrontation.

    If you stop and think about it, most all the protesting and bashing, bad-mouthing and fighting, comes from the youth. High school, college age, and a bit of post-college aged people. Once you GROW UP, all of this nonsense is meaningless. Everybody needs to get over themselves. Stop deriding Trump. Stop protesting in the streets. If you were busy working and trying to be somebody, you wouldn’t have time to dwell on this ridiculousness! You are purposefully looking for trouble so you can quickly post on some forum of how you were bashed by them mean old Trump supporters.

    I don’t twist my ass in front of people, carry rainbow flags, dress like a clown, carry placards pronouncing my gayness, and forcing myself down other people’s throats. Try it sometime. You might get over your vitriol.

  • highestbidder

    I don’t doubt there’s going to be some pushback against the rigid political correctness that left wing nutcases have been trying to foist on America over the years. That’s how society evolves. A couple steps forward then a little backsliding. Most of us blue collar folk are decent people. We’ve been pushed around and ignored and bent over for a long time. Even I’m excited about Trump coming in and kicking some ass and battling for the working class. If he does, he’ll get my vote in 4 years and the only time I’ve ever voted for a Republican for president was Ronald Reagan in 1980.

  • joeyty

    @Alistair Wiseman: LOL. Thanks. All of these claims are frauds by the sore losers in this election. I wonder how long they’ll keep fabricating these stories.

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    @ScaryRussianHeather: you mean the one with the childish scrawl on it? the one he held up-side down? the one that was supposedly given to him by ‘gays for trump’, who should know which way the flag hangs? you and joeyty are idiots.

  • Alistair Wiseman

    Because it has been proven over and over and over; gays and lesbians would never ever lie about their cries of discrimination. Gosh, everybody knows that.

    Keep trying, Queerty.

  • Alistair Wiseman

    And just so you know, the Democratic lies continue…
    Busing in fake paid anti-Trump protesters in Austin.

    Gosh, and it was just a couple of days ago that the Democratic mainstream media told us that it was Trump voters who wouldn’t support the election results.

    Remember all the protests and violence by Republicans when Obama won? Me neither.

  • dwes09

    @Mick406: “You don’t stick your gay face into the face of someone else and flaunt your ‘gaiety’.”

    Are you really that filled with self hatred? Seems rather sick to me. I imagine you feel that if a gay person does what straight people do without any fear or thought whatsoever, they “get that they deserve”. So in your sad little self hating world holding hands with a boyfriend justifies being call ed faggot or having something thrown at you from a passing car? Glad you are safe in your little tiny, fear filled, windowless closet with the door shut tight. Stay there. That is what you deserve.

    Be a self hating fool, but pleas for the love of God, DON’T RUB OUR FACES IN IT, (OR AS THE HOMOPHOBES ARE FOND OF SAYING) DON’T SHOVE IT DOWN OUR THROAT. You deserve Trump, you deserve Pence. Good people don’t.

  • joeyty

    @Alistair Wiseman: They’re REALLY invested in inventing hate crimes now because they want to be like, “See! We told you so!” instead of hoping for the best from a Trump Presidency. Clinton gave us Matthew Shepard. Obama gave us Pulse. And the Queerties are just wishing-and-hoping SO badly there will be an anti-gay massacre somewhere now (but it has to be white Christians who do it). Meanwhile, they’ll make up incidents.

  • dwes09

    @Alistair Wiseman: “Gosh, and it was just a couple of days ago that the Democratic mainstream media told us that it was Trump voters who wouldn’t support the election results.”

    I guess you are as weak minded as the rest of the alt-right whose filthy rosebuds you wish to lick. With an attention span just as short. It was Trump himself who made not so thinly veiled threats of unrest if he didn’t win. It was Trump himself who encouraged his band of yahoos to engage in voter intimidation.

    Interestingly, Trump received considerably less support from LGBT people than past republican candidates have (he only got 14% of our vote, others have gotten 22%-25%). Obviously only the most weak minded among us drank the Trump cool aid. The rest saw through his lies. It is my hope that with decent advisers and a rapid course in civics, diplomacy and protocol (so as not to embarrass himself too much) he will not do too much damage. It is sad to read how terrified scientific researchers and hi-tech entrepreneurs are (with the singular exception of the ass licking Peter Theil). They all fear, with pretty good reasons, that we will now fall far behind other nations in R&D, always one of our strong points.

  • David Myers

    @joeyty: You’re either a troll or a self hating gay person dedicated to the right-wing and Trump. Your total denial and unwillingness to believe it possible that some Trump supporters would see his election as a license to fag-bash, is beyond credibility and shows your lack of character as well. Rant all you want but beyond calling you out as a troll I will not feed trolls. Despite your delusions you have no power here TROLL!

  • David Myers

    @paul dorian lord fredine: Ageed! Where are the moderators? It’s time to let the homophobic trolls know their harassment and hate here, will not be tolerated.

  • David Myers

    @joeyty: Ad hominem argument . . . which is no argument at all TROLL!

  • joeyty

    @David Myers: Nope. You wanted Hillary ? You want more Pulse massacres and your boyfriend’s head actually sawn off by Muslim fanatics? Or do you want the man who actually calls out Muslim homophobia directly in the White House ? Let’s hear. I want to see who the self-hating homophobe is.

  • David Myers

    @Mick406: You are a disgusting apologist for right-wingers. And I don’t believe a word you say.

  • David Myers

    @paul dorian lord fredine: Where is the damn “flag button”? I can’t see it anywhere. I’m asking you because you seem to be one of the few sane people here commenting right now. If you know how to flag, please tell me because I don’t see anyway to do it right now.

  • joeyty

    @David Myers: Scumbag. Hide all you like ‘phobe, and hopefully the younger generation (in the western world, anyway) will close in on you.

  • joeyty

    And note what cowards homophobes are. This David Myers thinks he can excuse Hillary Clinton’s cohorts sawing gay mens’ heads off, even look on in a bemused manner, but when he’s called on it he hides.

  • alanballs

    Brothers and sisters: learn to protect and defend yourselves physically from attacks. Join a gym and strengthen your bodies. Learn to use a firearm and purchase a legally registered weapon. Learn and master the art of self defence. If (when) you’re attacked, fight back hard and effectively. Travel in groups whenever possible. There is added safety in numbers. Post pics and details of attackers and abusers on social sites. Out them to the world. Verbal abuse is something you can choose to ignore…don’t allow stupid words from stupid people hurt you. Pull together not against. Stay strong and continue loving.

  • joeyty

    @alanballs: But only if your attackers are white Christian men ! Or else you’re a bigot.

  • brambleyo

    Wait people are still offended by the word faggot?

  • Heywood Jablowme

    @joeyty: “All of these claims are frauds by the sore losers in this election.”

    Oh joeyty, you’ve invented a new concept: “sore WINNER”!

  • joeyty

    @Heywood Jablowme: Trump won. You coulda been gracious when we extended our hands but you’re all behaving like bitter children. (You and your Muslims on the subway and Superhero nightlight hangups..)

  • joeyty

    It’s time for everybody to take a good look at himself (or herself) and consider…. What are you really getting out of life by hanging around this Queerty site which just invents stories ? Maybe it’s time to…move on to another hobby. Or severely limit your computer time. This site is beyond inane at this point. A bunch of anonymous “journalists” just making up stories. It’s like…today we pretend Trump supporters (all rowdy young white men) are rampaging through the streets attacking gays and minorities, encouraged by Trump’s win. Tomorrow…who knows ? Maybe Queerty will report white men from Miami to Seattle are putting on disguises to sneak into minority homes and kill them in their sleep. Isn’t this site a big waste by now ?

  • Joshua

    Well – in the UK Hate Crimes rose 41% after BREXIT. Fact is there is a lot of hatred in people and especially towards foreigners and LGBTs.

    I don’t fear Trump – I fear Mike Pence and all the others behind him. Trump has SAID a lot of things, but has not really done anything, yet. So I am giving him a chance, but the question is will he lead or will he be a puppet.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    @joeyty: I misremembered, a month or 2 ago, you saying they were Muslim (I see in this or a recent thread you say they were black, but the subway part is correct?). As for the nightlights, maybe you could still benefit. :)

    To be clear, I don’t doubt that SOME of these claims are frauds. But to say “all” of them are frauds is pretty out there. How do you know? For that matter, how do we know you were really attacked by blacks? I don’t particularly doubt it, but we just have to take your word for it.

    And how are YOU “extending your hand” here? You’re still going on & on & on about Hillary! (and even repeating a lie about her that I got you to agree a week ago was untrue.) You sounded much more reasonable BEFORE the election.

  • joeyty

    @Heywood Jablowme: Never said they were Muslim because they weren’t. Or I can assume they weren’t. I went through 9-11 directly, and they were Muslims, though I didn’t see the culprits. And you’ve shown yourself to be a dirtbag. I tried to be a gracious winner and say let’s work together, but everybody else did nothing but scream how much better Hillary would have been and make up fake gaybashing stories by fictional Trump supporters. So screw it.

  • joeyty

    @Heywood Jablowme: All fake. As fake as all the other gaybashings that didn’t ring true, and I can rattle off about ten of them without even looking them up.

  • joeyty

    @Joshua: Are your Rotherham rapes considered Hate Crimes or not ?

  • joeyty

    @Joshua: Anyway, that’s one reason I voted for Trump. I just don’t want the U.S. going the route your UK has, and Hillary would have led us right into that. Trump is the best bet to prevent it. The U.K. has fallen so low it actually welcomes guys like Imam Sodagar, who openly calls for gay men to be beheaded and teaches children at the biggest Islamic school in London ! Excuse me for saying…..not here.

  • Doug

    @joeyty: Why don’t you go play in traffic somewhere and get off the Queerty boards? You’ve been trolling smug, sarcastic little comments at members throughout the site for some time now. What do you do, go from one article to another on Queerty trying to come up with one negative comment after another? You’re either a very unhappy queen or an angry straight Republican who doesn’t have anything better to do with your life. You’re getting tired, buddy.

  • joeyty

    @Doug: No. I’m for Gay Equality and if you don’t like that, YOU should leave.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    @joeyty: I misunderstood them to be Muslim, simply because (a) you’re always going on & on & on about Muslims so I assumed they were the ones who beat you up, and (b) you are such an extremely prolific writer here almost every single day that it’s kind of hard for a joeyty fan to keep up with your endless overabundance of pixelated pixels.

    “I tried to be a gracious winner and say let’s work together…”

    Gee, I stay away from this site for TWO whole days and look what I miss! LOL.

    But it’s amusing that suddenly you’re advising everyone to “severely limit your computer time” and find new hobbies. Ouch, point taken, and maybe you should consider it too?

  • joeyty

    @Heywood Jablowme: I will consider it too. Absolutely. I’m telling myself that as much as everybody else.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    @Doug: Joeyty HAS, from time to time, made sense. But tonight he’s in a particularly bitchy mood and I wonder why. Sore Winner Syndrome?

  • stadacona

    The hypocrite left doesn’t hesitate to use slurs against their opponents. “white trash’, ‘redneck’, and ‘trailer trash’ are particular favorites of the left. So spare me your hurt feelings. You are not innocent.

  • stadacona

    Also…..the Santa Monica gay bashing has been exposed as a hoax.

  • James

    And to think gay republicans promised us everything would be better under Trump. Gay republicans are sick people.

  • Louis

    Damn wtf is wrong with half of you here? The same stupid insensitivity and callousness as usual from this community so fing tired of this bs.

    Its really easy to claim oh this isnt true when you werent even there and you dont personally know these people.

    But yeah do what republicans always do try to ignore it and treat it as if it NEVER happened or doesnt matter or just simply dismiss it as if it doesnt matter because it isnt happening to YOU.

    Youre the ones who voted for this and created this for the rest of us but of course throwing your own community under the bus is what most of you here do best….constantly.

    Sincerely tired of the hypocrisy and double standards from many of you LGBT AMERICAN.

    Seriously join Fox News already half of you would fit in perfectly on that biased unkind insensitive radical network. Ugh.

  • Louis

    @stadacona: Yes that is wrong but so are faggot queer sodemite , etc…

    It works both ways .

  • Nedra

    I saw on BBC News after Trump was elected, this gay guy from LGBTrump organization, defending Trump and decrying how Hillary only EVOLVED on gay marriage etc., that she was never a true supporter of the gay community. I was in amazement because I never knew something was wrong with someone EVOLVING on a serious issue.
    When that woman in the Georgia county was publicly embarrassing the gay couple and refusing to honour the Supreme Court ruling to grant them their marriage license, it was the noted homophobic Ted Cruz AND Donald Trump who went down that small county to support her.

    He claimed that Donald has a gay club in Florida and cited that as an example of Donald’s support for the gay community, well if he were a true supporter why didn’t he support the gay couple in need of their marriage document? In fact, I read months ago that Donald also EVOLVED on gay marriage by saying that marriage is between a man and a woman; the same way he evolved on abortion.

    Gays like that man and all the others who support Donald Trump and the Republican Party deserve all the nasty treatment they will get under the GOP presidency.

  • ErikO

    These stories are fake. Notice how there’s no video to back up their claims?

  • kapm

    This is nothing that we haven’t been through before. ( Ask some of those old guys you never talk to at the bars ) It is an indicator that our befief that the USA was becoming more gay friendly, tolerant and understanding was not the truth. Mr Trumps behavior during the run up to the election was nothing more than tacit approval for every yahoo from Texas to Wyoming to call black men the N word, be bullies and openly display their hatred, fear and loathing of people who are different. If you thought that the USA was a good place getting better, you sadly had your head buried in the sand.

    We all live in a world that dislikes and fails to remember/learn from history. Young people don’t know what AIDS is, they don’t remember the name Matthew Shepard. We are trying to rush ahead at light speed and gain acceptance for trans people, when gay men and women haven’t been honestly and totally accepted. President Obama has pushed through 8 years of insidious and subtle racism.

    I will grant this to Mr. Trump, he has showed us without a doubt that we are not the ‘good’ people we thought we were. We may be reaching for the stars, but our feet are still bogged down in shit.

    I have no idea if this cowardly change will force men and women back into the closet. The mere idea that it ‘could’ is almost as bad.

    The negativity that this election bathed in has soiled us all. I would like to see a running record of the increase, or decrease of hate crimes in the USA. A shouted ‘faggot’ from a passing car would qualify.

    Our world isn’t going to end in a big bang, but rather from some whimper and whiney voice.


  • BriBri

    Video or it didn’t happen.

  • Truth-is-Truthy

    Anyone on here who believes that what I’ve said is made up is making a judgment about someone they don’t even know. You’ve never met me, and you haven’t seen the messages I’ve received over the past three days. Do I need to copy and paste them along with my replies in order to be believed? I don’t “flaunt” my “gaity” in people’s face, unless of course simply existing and being me is considered “flaunting”. After all, there are plenty of heteros who insist that they are the only normal ones and I consider that to be flaunting, not to mention disrespectful, and simply unkind. Society seem to have collectively lost its humanity and sense of balance. Anyone who isn’t white anglo-saxon protestant is considered an “other” who should be suspected of … something … anything. Once suspect they are then criticized and watched more than anybody else, and we are the ones ripe for having our rights taken away. Prior to Trump’s election I’ve never had my life threatened for being gay, and I’ve never heard that the election of a Republican POTUS is a mandate for killing gay people. Something different is happening, and it’s only going to get worse. If Trump lives up to the promises he’s made then America is doomed.

  • batesmotel

    This was going on long before Trump was running for office. And you’re only showing one side. It’s coming from both extreme sides. The extreme far right and extreme far left. The two extreme opposites that have caused the most unnecessary noise. Don’t forget it was an extreme left person who defecated in public and then smeared her feces on a Trump sign. This is an example of a very mentally ill and mentally unstable person. Most unstable people are on the extreme sides. This would be the same if this person smeared it on a Hillary sign. Sick creature no matter what. No one has ever called me a derogatory gay name in my life except other gays. Interesting.

  • Deviant

    find me ONE good looking attractive gay guy crying through social media about his “terrifying” experiences during/after elections. Isn’t that suspicious? #imjustsaying

  • Daniel-Reader

    lol… comments quoting breitbart and other alt-right sites… what next UFO captures hill-billie’s goat herd? lol… those alt-right sites are for suckers. Also, doesn’t the old saying go if someone screams something nasty at you, stab them in the eye with a pencil and they’ll think twice about ever yelling at anyone ever again? The point of the old saying is apparently to remind people that you can inflict as good as anyone else. Also, you have to defend yourself. No one anywhere can expect others to do it for you. Use your 2nd amendment rights to lawfully acquire protection, then get trained to safely and effectively use it to protect yourself. Bullies will always try to harm people until they realize they have something to lose by doing it.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    The story is all over the internet, it didn’t originate with Breitbart.

    Ohh, Breitbart = boogeyman!!!

  • Alistair Wiseman


    This a fake crime. The link below is to the Santa Monica Police Department Facebook page that states that this crime has not been reported to them nor known to any of the area hospitals.

    If you read down a few posts, one woman says this is from a movie he produced.

    More fake crimes and lies from another Hillary piece of shit.

  • elliott_hankin

    Why is it Trumps fault if the media has poisioned the illeterate crowds out there rioting, name calling and violence? He isnt telling anykne thats what they should be doing. Lets be fair. People have their own views and believe the media and these are the ones causing riots.

  • RamblingManNJ

    @Mick406: Mick, granted I do agree with you that sometimes Queerty is obsessed with victimization stories, but some of what you said is just not true. Every human drops traits of who they are unconsciously. I might get flack for this but many gays do have different nuanced behavioral traits that give us away. People on the whole are not stupid and can pick this up. What you might think is someone purposely acting gay may be just someone being his or her self. In that case, you are asking us to put on a mask so you can be comfortable and not offended. Well Mick try putting on a mask each day. It gets tiresome after awhile. You also make another strange point of agreeing that many young kids even up to college according to you will purposely get their jollies from making gays suffer, but you sort of just wave this off as nothing as though somehow this has no effect on our developing self esteems. These experiences in fact Mitch can scar some gays for life and I consider myself among that group. Earlier experienced in my life caused me to have social phobia and stunted growth to this day. It has affected my career life, my personal life and even has made me suicidal at times. Believe me Mitch I am pretty confident if you could live one day in our shoes your feelings might soften a bit. I do realize it is hard to understand what you don’t experience, so i don’t judge you in any way, just like we wish we weren’t judged.

  • AmishHomo

    It never fails these days that an enthusiastic discussion quickly turns to finger pointing, accusations, name calling and blah blah blah. I’m so sick of the constant bickering, arguing, and insults. My take on the bigots who yell insults at the LGBT community is getting closer and closer to the following: “He called me a faggot, I called him an ambulance.”

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