Is Anyone Else Getting Really Annoyed By Tom Ford’s “I’m Bigger Than My Sexuality” Mantra?

Despite being a man who cannot see sexuality, and directing a non-gay gay film, A Single Man‘s Tom Ford was sure asked a lot of homosexual questions at the movie’s junket. Like whether he agrees with Rupert Everett’s argument that gay actors should stay in the closet if they have any hope of making it.

“I would like to think it’s not true,” says Ford, “but it probably is, don’t you?”

Yes! We do! And we’re growing increasingly flummoxed by Ford’s insistence that he lives and operates in a world where sexuality doesn’t exist, because of his “NY-LA-LON” jet-setting lifestyle. This is not something to celebrate. If Ford wants to be a groundbreaking director who makes films and not movies, he will make the effort to engross himself in the lives of everyday people. Including everyday gays, if he’s going to make a movie about them.

In interview after interview, Ford laments how he just can’t see why the gay factor is such a big deal. These are not the words of an enlightened fellow; they are the words of an ignorant one.

(Video via Boy Culture)