UPDATED: Is Barack Obama The United States’ First Gay President?

UPDATED: The White House has released the text of President Obama’s speech at the 15th annual HRC National Dinner. For the video and transcript, click here.



Toni Morrison famously dubbed Bill Clinton America’s first black president because he was, “born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.”

New York magazine recently suggested Barack Obama is our first Jewish president, because of his strong stance against UN pressure for a Palestinian state.

But are we ready to call Barry the United State’s first gay President (strictly in the metaphorical sense)?

Though many still have problems with Obama’s treatment of the LGBT community—and his “I’m evolving” posture on marriage equality is getting real tired—there’s no denying he’s done more on DADT (sayonara!), DOMA (circling the drain?) and other issues than any other POTUS.

And all during his first term in office, a key factor many pundits omit.

It’ll be very interesting to see what Obama says tonight, when he delivers the keynote address at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual National Dinner in Washington, DC. Will he tout his record? Will he announce the next battleground? Or will he make warm, vague statements and then sit down to  cut into his rubber chicken like everyone else?

And even if he says the right things, he’s preaching to the choir—its not like there are going to be Tea Party delegates among the 3,000 attendees at the Washington Convention Center tonight.

In a CNN report, Freedom to Marry’s Evan Wolfson’s said:

“I’d like to see the president bring his message of support for the freedom to marry to a broader audience, perhaps in a conversational setting, so that all Americans can hear him talk about why marriage matters to loving gay and lesbian couples and their families.”

And there are those who grate at Obama even sidling up to HRC, a group that’s accused of being more focused on fundraising and celebrity endorsements than making substantive change. It was, after all, gay conservatives who really got the ball rolling on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Log Cabin Republican executive director Christian Berle isn’t doing cartwheels about the President’s appearance tonight:

“As all Americans are becoming open to marriage equality, the president is taking a retreat. Instead he is turning to the gay community for money and applause…. If the president wants to deserve all the money and adulation he has already received from the gay community, he should announce his firm support for everyone’s freedom to marry.”

Whatever Obama says tonight and however he’s received, he better have some Tums handy tomorrow morning when the pundits start parsing his words.

UPDATED: To see the video of President Obama’s speech and read the transcript, click here.

Image via VJNet


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  • ewe

    He is no gay president. And most of these things are passing because the government should not continue wasting taxdollars defending a position that openly discriminates against the people that the money they are using belongs to. Ok, so some great things have occurred but until we have a representative that says who we are is NOT an issue. I repeat until we have a president say that being LGBT is NOT an issue then we have a president who is not fully representing us.

  • Little Kiwi

    he remains the most pro-LGBT President in the history of the United States of America.

    I remain puzzled as to whom the Log Cabin Republicans will be championing for President; if they care so much about LGBT Equality then which Republican candidate will they be supporting? If there is no pro-Equality candidate in the running, whom will they support and vote for? The anti-Gay Republican? Consistency would be nice – do they care enough about Equality to make it a voting issue, or do they only care about Equality when it allows them to criticize a Democrat?

    President Obama has had to deal with the most inane “controversies” in the last few years. “He was born in Kenya!” “He’s a Muslim!” “He is friends with terrorists!” “He keeps raising our taxes!”

    lie after lie after lie from people who try to find other ways to say “I hate him because he’s black, his middle name is Hussein, he’s a democrat, and his last name sounds like ‘Osama’!!!”


    we’re all frustrated, but let’s not cut off our nose to spite our face.

    do i wish he was a more upfront Ally? YES. Can I understand why he hasn’t been? YES. Do I approve of it, even though I understand it? NO.

    That said, I cannot help but be rational about this. President Obama knows how history works, he knows how progress works, he knows how the Bullshit Machine of the Conservative Right works, and he knows how history will paint him and his administration. He KNOWS LGBT Equality will be a reality – marriage rights, full federal ones, the end of ENDA.

    Term Two. Seriously. He’s far too smart to not know how to cement his place in American History as a true vanguard. I’m as angry as everyone at ‘what’s not been done’, but not at the expense of ignoring what HAS been done.

    That said, i wish he was a bit more like Canada’s late Jack Layton…

  • R.A,

    Little Kiwi.
    Canada has the luxury of a better-educated population and not having to deal with the ignorance and bigotry of right-wing Evangelicals on a grand scale.

  • kawneekwa

    Why everyone give him credit for end of DADT. It wasn’t him, it was a bipartisan group of congressmen. he just signed it. Never did much to push it. He was a speed bump to ending DADT.
    Hate how the media puts info out there that just booshit.

  • Gay Veteran

    @kawneekwa: So he never called for the repeal of DADT? He didn’t push congress to repeal DADT?

  • brian

    For a man who spent the last election campaign promising us a myriad of reforms, he’s been a failure.

  • Interesting

    @Little Kiwi: That’s not saying much, and for someone who usually comes on here all guns firing for gay rights when its not Obama as the subject, I am fascinated by your low standards regarding gay rights. What you just wrote is essentially saying whoever is the latest in time is is the most incredible on civil rights. That’s no standard.

  • Interesting

    No. No more than BIll Clinton was the Black president.

  • MF

    Ok, someone just help me out. One day the HRC sucks, the next everyone is posting on FB n twitter about how excited they are that they are suited up and overpaying for a dinner to celebrate Joe Solmonese? I am just confused. I see the same people in total disagreement of HRC, but still they go to their dinners??? Clue me in.

  • Shannon1981

    While I certainly have my issues with Obama re: Equality, I think it would be a huge mistake to turn against him and tout what he has not done, and ignore what he has done. Also, consider the alternatives. While yes, he is religious and I understand that he struggled on a personal level with the issue of full marriage equality, at least he doesn’t hate us. Sometimes politics is about choosing not who is perfect, but who is as close as we have.

  • Red Meat

    @kawneekwa: Yes because ANY other president before him would of signed it when it was brought up to him. OH right no. And before you say “it never passed congress” just stfu because you obviously do not understand how laws are brought up and voted on in congress.

  • ewe

    @Red Meat: success is because of litigation. Off the streets and into the courts is what everyone should be thinking.

  • ewe

    Please let’s not forget that gay organizations deserve far more credit than this one president. It is not enough because it is not full equality. We should not be fullfilled with just the crumbs of gluttony that others mindlessly enjoy.

  • Interesting

    @Shannon1981: Pushing for him to do better is not “turning against him.” You are engaged in binary thinking.

  • Red Meat

    @ewe: Why are you trying start shit? Obama clearly said everyone who helped and used the word “we” not “I”

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Look, Obama didn’t pass ENDA or repeal DOMA. But they did give HRC execs millions of dollars in campaign money.

    HRC = No action on Gay rights. 750 million dollars in the last 10 years in fundraising for HRC.

    TV ads supporting the Gay community ZERO
    HRC successes ZERO

  • PS

    If Obama wanted success for the USA, he’d step aside and let another Democrat run instead of him.

  • Andy

    What little Obama has done for LGBT rights is completely undermined by what he did yesterday to an American citizen. Obama ordered an American to be assassinated yesterday without any pretense to indictments, trials, or any legal recourse the target had to challenge His Majesty’s whims:

    Was he a terrorist? All I’ve seen are cranky YouTube videos criticizing the government. That he lead a terrorist cell or provided material support for attacking this country are claims that should be proven, if we want to live in a state that is limited by a constitution.

    If one citizen is deprived of his rights, everyone else merely has privileges. It pleases His Majesty that gays have a few more protections today, but it may not do so tomorrow or it may not please the next His Majesty at all. As such, any of these few laws are entirely meaningless if the president has the power to arbitrarily suspend rights.

    Obama sets a horrible precedent. Remember, so-called liberals were yapping about Bush spying on Americans without warrants; now we have a president killing Americans without any warrants from anyone.

  • fredo777

    @PS: Right… and which democrat would that be?

  • Interesting

    Both parties are shit. Right now, in nyc, and else where people are starting to wake up to that fact. There is no one who could replace Obama in the party because the entire leadership needs to be replaced. The GOP is even worse.

  • Gay Veteran

    @Andy: Shut Up!!!

  • kawnkeekwa

    @red meat No, you stfu foo’!

  • Kev C

    Yeah, many have compared Obama to Martin Luther Queen.

  • Earnest Winborne

    You QUEENS are never satisfied! Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, that’s all you do. It’s never enough… You can’t see the forest for the trees. And to PS, any Democrat is more than welcome to challenge Obama, no one is stopping them, but I bet not one of them could beat him either!

  • FYI

    Let’s just take a look at Obama’s record so far:

    * Obama supports George W. Bush-style Military Tribunals for foreign war detainees (he was against them as candidate Obama).

    * Obama has expanded (not limited) Bush-style warrantless wiretapping; adding special guarantees of government immunity and expanding his “special powers” (without Congressional Oversight) of the Executive Branch.

    * Obama has stifled government investigations into Torture and the Human Rights Abuses of the former administration.

    * Obama gives away hundreds of billions of tax-payer’s dollars to Wall Street, and then he just turns his back on the union workers who supported him in Wisconsin and in Michigan.

    * Obama allows his minions in Congress to conduct hearings on Health Care Reform where they invite profit-driven vultures and profiteering extortionists from the Insurance Industry to sit at the front of the table when formulating Health Care Reform — while they simultaneously arrest and expel single-payer National Health Care advocates from the hearings.

    * On civil rights, Obama de-prioritized repeal of DADT which has destroyed the military careers of over fourteen thousand loyal, patriot Americans (even as Candidate Obama campaigned to push Congress to overturn that odious Jim Crow-style affront to human dignity). Only after a federal judge strikes down DADT does a Democratic Senate move on repeal. As of Sept. 20, 2011 Obama and his DOJ are still fighting the federal court decision which declared DADT unconstitutional on 1st and 5th Amendment grounds.

    * Obama (and Pelosi/Reid) during full Democratic control of Congress expressed no interest whatsoever in overturning DOMA so that those of us who are legally married (or partnered under some other kind of quasi-marriage-like legal arrangement) can receive federal benefits — as Obama promised. They didn’t even form a committee to draft a bill or even have public hearings.

    * Obama’s apologists say that he is too busy trying to save the nation and the economy and jobs — so, then why didn’t he push for job equality and protections (ENDA) for the tens of millions of GLBT citizens who do not have the same level of job protections as ninety percent of the population?

    In the final analysis, the Democrats and, especially Obama, are NOT “The Change You Can Believe In“! As bigoted, odious and villainous as the Republican Party is, at least they are upfront about hating us. Whereas, the Democrats, along with their lying segregationist, bigoted demagogue, Barak Obama, are master deceivers who troll the GLBT community for money, political volunteers, and votes — only to slap us all in the face with either that tiresome mantra of “the time is not right” excuse or just an outright “get out of my face” avoidance of us after an election — that is, after they have exploited us repeatedly in order to grab political power.

    The Democratic Party un-official motto: “Hey, just because they took us to the prom, it doesn’t mean we have to dance with them — right?”

    So, Obots, if you don’t demand you don’t get. Asking nice doesn’t work. The Dems have to realize that there will be a price to pay at the ballot box if they betray their core supporters. The Republicans have always known that to be true. Too often Democratic politicians are really arrogant and like to forget who actually put them in power — of course, at their own peril (witness Nov.2010).

    Sometimes “Tough Love” is necessary to spur to action and to get a reaffirmation of “commitment”. Just playing patty-cake doesn’t work.

  • Michael

    Is anyone paying attention???

    America has ALREADY had a gay president via JAMES BUCHANAN.

    This hardcore hatred of gay people by the religious right is something new it seems but get a clue. Queerty needs to wake up and realize a gay man and his lover have already occupied the White House.

    Wow, how are gay men suppose to fight our battle if we’re just too f’n clueless?

  • FYI

    Hey, HRC and Obots, how’s that “love” working for all of you battered-wives?


    “Although the ban on openly gay troops was lifted on Tuesday, the Obama administration was arguing in court yesterday against a lawsuit which seeks full severance pay for those sacked under the law.

    The American Civil Liberties Union is working on behalf of a former Air Force staff sergeant and 142 former troops who received only half of their expected severance pay after they were fired for being gay.

    The Justice Department has asked the US Court of Federal Claims to dismiss the case. However, Judge Christine Odell Cook Miller said she was inclined to allow it to continue, Associated Press reports.

    “The military grants severance pay which can be halved by a number of conditions. These include discharge on the basis of homosexuality and unsuccessful drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

    According to the ACLU, the policy of denying gay troops full severance pay is unconstitutional.

    The case was brought by former Air Force Staff Sgt Richard Collins, who was discharged in 2006 after two civilians he worked with saw him kiss his boyfriend on the cheek while off-duty ten miles away from their base.

    He expected to be paid $25,702 after his discharge but received just $12,351.”

    For more of the article, go to:

  • Robert in NYC

    No.2, Little Kiwi, even if Obama endorses marriage equality, the majority of gay republicans which include civil libertarians and tea party scumbaggers still would NOT vote for him because equality is NOT and NEVER will be a high priority, even in good economic times. Ron Paul for example, the leader of the civil libertarian republicans, claims it’s up to the states to legislate for marriage equality, as well as for DOMA. Yes, he declared support for the states that put DOMA on the books which means there will NEVER marriage equality in every state. The GOP does NOT want DOMA overturned and will do all it can to make sure it doesn’t if it takes back the White House.

    Ron Paul will NEVER be president, nor will Herman Cain, the latter a virulent homophobe. John Huntsman, the only normal republican and somewhat gay friendly doesn’t stand a chance. So what we’re left is a Romney or Perry, strongly opposed to full equality. Those two are who a lot of gay republicans will vote for, assuming Chris Christie doesn’t run. Even he said he’d veto any marriage equality bill that comes across his desk in New Jersey. Who needs that?

  • Cam

    “”there’s no denying he’s done more on DADT (sayonara!), DOMA (circling the drain?) and other issues than any other POTUS.””

    Just agreeing to NOT veto DADT repeal isn’t being a hero. It is doing the minimum that was promised.

  • ewe

    @Red Meat: Bringing truth out into the open is not stirring shit. Trying to silence others like you are doing is stirring shit and more.

  • Will

    @Gay Veteran: he can cal all he wants. But did he exert pressure? Obama sucks at using the “bully” pulpit

  • jeff4justice

    Ralph Nader would have already surpassed Obama had gays got behind him instead.

    About HRC, no mega gay group should be paying a six figure salary to an executive director – it’s counter-incentive to achieving equality expediently.

    HRC has never been in my hometown. Who should people in my hometown donate to? HRC’s Joe to help his 6figure salary? Or the on the ground activists in my hometown who do direct action in our community?

    About Obama, too bad he does so much other stuff to erode civil liberties, perpetuate war, continue the drug war…. Too bad the Democrats cost the Greens, Libertarians and other alternative parties the elections.

    The 2 party system must end. If we can elect a black President who speaks for equality we can start electing better alternative parties who are not owned by corporations.

  • Mav

    @Little Kiwi: I agree, there is a ton that hasn’t been done, but – like Clinton – I have a feeling retrospective history is going to exonerate Obama for all the things he DID manage to do.

    Frankly, I’m voting him in for a second term because the candidates proposed by the GOP so far scare the fuck out of me.

    Christian theocracy much?

  • Michael


    Truer words have never been spoken.Agreed.

  • Michael

    I can not wait till the day when someone says: someone just came out as gay today…. give them a cookie who fucking cares?!

    I hope I live to see the day when being gay becomes non important irrelevant and just another ordinary thing in this world that doesnt bother anyone one bit. I can only hope that happens before I die.

    It should be less like OMG guess who just came out?! It should be more like this: Celebrity came out gay today we wish them happiness and the best…. in other news today…. as if its not a big deal because in all honesty it SHOULD NOT be a big deal to begin with.

  • Kevin

    If Obama wants to be reelected he can’t play extremely liberal and fight for gay marriage. He would lose his second term hands down. I look forward to see what Obama can do for the LGBT community if he gets reelected in 2012.

  • Little Kiwi

    My thoughts exactly, Kevin.

    Frankly I’m stunned when others can’t see that.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Michael: Amen, Michael. Why coming out has to be such a goddamn issue for those whose acceptance we seek, I don’t know. I personally am a fan of the old addage, “If they’re not your friend once they know about your sexuality, then they never were.” My personal gay hero? Neil Patrick Harris. Never has anyone so eloquently handled coming out to the world, and he’s a bigger man for it. Now if only the rest of the country/world would be so give-a-shit about the rest of us.

  • Gay_Curmudgeon

    I’m sorry to have to say this; however, the bickering that I see in these comments (which is reflective of the bickering that I’ve seen among many LGBTQ groups around the country) is indicative of the splintering within not only the LGBTQ movement, as a whole, but also within the Democratic Party. As Joe Solmonese said in his introductory speech last night, we need to keep our “eye on the prize” and remain focused on our goals of marriage equality, the passage of ENDA, anti-bullying efforts, fair housing, and job protection. Other issues which seem to distract us require addressing in different forums. Barak Obama is, without a doubt, the most supportive President for LGBTQ issues in the history of this country. Our primary focus for the next 12 months is to do what we can in order to assure his re-election for a second term in office AND to defeat as many Republican Congressional and Senatorial candidates as possible. Whether you like it or not it is also imcumbent upon us to, wherever possible, to ‘make nice’ with the opposition in order to show them the error of their ways. As Mr. Obama said last night, the Partisan bickering that has lasted way too long in Congress must be set aside so that not only LGBTQ issues can be successfully addressed, but also all of the important national issues of the day can be resolved, such as the economy, jobs, infrastructure, tax reform, electoral reform, fair housing, adding job protections, etc. We complain all the time about the extremist fundamentalists; however, there are some extremists on the Left side of the aisle who need to tone it down a bit themselves. The ‘fundies’ have instilled so much fear and hatred among their constituents that our job, which won’t be easy, is to show, through our actions, that we are actually normal, thoughtful, and patriotic people who, just by chance, happen to be LGBTQ. I hope that, before I die, being LGBTQ will have the same level of significance as whether someone is right-handed or left-handed.

  • Little Kiwi

    If you want the rest of the country/world to not be so anti-gay, Thug, you might consider voting for candidates that don’t run on campaign platforms of anti-gay prejudice next time.

    You voted for John McCain. You’re part of the reason people continue to be anti-gay in America – you reward them for it. If you truly care about LGBT Equality enough that you don’t want to live in an anti-gay culture then it’s high time that you stop giving excuses and saying “oh, gay rights aren’t an issue for me when I vote.”

    You can’t support people who run on anti-gay platforms and pretend you’re not contributing to the culture of anti-gay bias in America. The man you voted for opposes LGBT people adopting, serving openly in the military, and supports constitutional amendments banning LGBT people from marrying. Institutionalized bigotry, and the promotion of it, contributes to the anti-gay prejudices you now claim to oppose.

    So think about it.

  • Michael


    If someone is not passionate about the issue or subject matter of course they are gonna roll over and not be true to what THEY want.That is an illogical fallacy period. There are also far more people who support gay marriage now then they did in 2008 when Prop 8 passed.Obama does not believe in gay marriage only civil unions.So whilst I respect his civility on the matter and the way he approaches the subject matter realistically he still does not support 2 gay couples getting married.

    Civil unions and marriage differ in to many ways to even count also.

    If Obama was passionate about this issue he would take a strong stance on it and he would not let up.Why exactly is he supposed to care what the red states with their bigoted beliefs think to begin with? All those people want to do is halt progress and stomp on equality.

    Not saying this is 100% true but I just bet that if he did take a stronger stance on gay marriage there would be more people behind him now then there were back in 2008.

  • Michael

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    I agree completely my friend . The fact that it is still an issue today is disheartening.I was just dealing with some harassment a second ago on Youtube from some anti gay morons one who even claims to be Christian.He told me this:

    @AvalonJoyous666 When the time is right those who you refer to as TRUE Christians will sell you out for a stick of chewing gum to align themselves with the truth then you will be hung over power lines with? fishing hooks up that gaping gloryhole of yours : )
    MinisterofMelancholy 11 minutes ago

    Its people like this unstable guy that are the problem with this country.THEY are the ones who make such a big damn deal out of someone being gay.I notice homophobes ALWAYS seem to bring up ass penis gloryhole 2 guys fucking etc…. Gee I wonder why probably because half the homophobes in this world are self hating self loathing GAY dudes what a shocker! LOL

  • Robert in NYC

    Name one thing a republican president will do for LGBT equality if elected? Forget about Ron Paul or John Huntsman, neither are electable. Paul supports DOMA in states that legislate for it so NO full equality in every state. What a douche! The majority of the GOP want to repeal DADT (only 8 of them voted to overturn it), but gay republicans including their civil libertarian and tea partyers will still vote any of them into the White House, just to keep a democrat out and to hell with the rest of us and our rights.

  • Little Kiwi

    That’s what gets me, Robert. I don’t see how people can ignore the reality of how anti-gay bigotry controls the minds of far too many plebes who vote.
    I have met so many people, since living in the US, who literally base their vote on “whichever candidate is Pro-Life.”

    Think about it, for a moment. ROE v WADE aint gonna ba overturned. Pro-Life candidates are aware of this – they focus on social wedge-issues that appeal to low-thinkers because talking about finances, and foreign policy and the economy goes right over their heads. These are the people who screamed about Obama raising their taxes after he gave them a a tax cut. Literally.
    Like, LITERALLY.
    I’m floored that so many people cannot see that Term Two will indeed be historic for LGBT Americans. Truly. What’s blinding them from seeing this? President Obama knows the way history works – he also knows the way that people vote. People are more likely to turn out to vote against something they hate (letting gays marry) than something they love.

    It’s human nature, and it’s a fact. Had a bad restaurant experience? You’re more likely to write a letter to the restaurant to complain. Had a good experience? You’re less-likely to write a letter to the restaurant to give them kudos. This is why so many Republicans continue to run on anti-gay platforms – anti-gay bigotry is what their flock demands, and they in turn keep it alive as their powersource. Gay Issues are the new millennial Wedge-Issues.

    A great many will indeed vote for whomever is the most “anti-gay” – that’s the reality of america in 2011.

    I have yet to hear anything resembling intellectual honesty when it comes to offering “alternatives” for the vote in 2012. Tell me again why people should not vote for the second term for the most pro-Equality President in the history of the United States of America? Who SPECIFICALLY are people suggesting LGBT people should vote for instead? Like, give me an actual specific. A name. The name of someone who has a shot of actually winning. Who is, apparently, running on a 100% Transparent I-Support-Gay-Marriage platform. Genuinely curious.

    Term Two, my brothers and sisters. Seriously. I think anyone who can step back and look at things clearly will see that Obama utterly has a roll-out plan. Term Two.

  • Michael

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Try not to fall asleep seeing the pompous windbags long drawnout im better then you are intellectual dishonesty spiel as usual also just a friendly tip lol :)

  • Little Kiwi

    to prove my point, notice the way “Michael” obsessively talks about me and attempts to get my attention. He also, a few days ago, spent a few hours (yes, HOURS) posting the same “ALL CAPS” angry “i hate you!” messages on my videos on my youtube page. why? clearly he’s butt-hurt about something. which is my point – people are more driven and blinded by their own insecure anger than they are by rationality, common sense, and POSITIVE things.

    the energy and effort directed at something they dislike blinds them from being able to see that they’re not only not making their own lives better, they’re not actually doing anything positive to make anyone ELSE’s better.

    so while i am indeed breaking my promise to never address Michael and his particular brand of Crazy ever again, I just felt that this opportunity perfectly highlighted my point. some people will indeed cut off their nose to spite their face. and some people will focus more on their own anger than on things that help others on a much grander scare.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Mr compulsive liar strikes again a failure as a human being a man and a son.Gee what great combinations.Keep lying about me being obsessed with you when I am only pointing out to decent people unlike you what a pompous loser YOU ARE. :)

    Keep going hypocrite you’re the one constantly cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    You even claim to be an activist? In what delusional world would someone who bullies his own community and mocks people and puts them down be an ACTIVIST? Moron please do not ever call yourself much less consider yourself that I have actual friends who ARE activists they represent the gay community in a positive way as well unlike… your kind. :)Keep going mr superiority you keep proving my point about you the more you open your vile hypocritical mouth.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    You continue to prove that you are not as brilliant and insightful as you continuously claim you are little boy.Especially considering that I have not even ADDRESSED much less spoken to YOU in the first place YOU IDIOT.I’ve only responded to OTHER people unlike you arrogant one I do not think the world revolves around me you certainly think it revolves around YOU though as well as being idiotic enough to claim people are obsessed with you to begin with.What an utter boob.

  • Little Kiwi

    there are a few examples. so stop lying, liar, and if you’d like to prove me wrong all you have to do is stop talking about me and desperately trying to get my attention. thank you for proving my point – that people will obsess more over what they hate than they will about promoting what they claim to love.

    i will now get back to ignoring you. let’s see if you’re capable of no longer talking about me.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    You’re not proving anything and I am once again trying to get in contact with Queerty to get you removed permanently from this site.Your BULLYING and bullshit is officially over little boy.

  • Roman

    More like the most reluctant and duplicitous Gay President. He’s the wrong D on the ticket.

  • Little Kiwi

    Who do you suggest instead, Roman? And when election time comes, whom will you be voting for?

  • ousslander

    not unless he’s sucking some dick

  • Cam


    Be nice if you posted about the issue rather than just attacking somebody you disagree with. This isn’t the 3rd grade.

    As for Obama being the first gay president. No, he isn’t, anymore than Clinton was the first black president or Kennedy was the first female president.

  • DaveandEric

    I want to care.. really I do, but I just don’t anymore. I was so “hopeful” in 2008-2009 only to see that we didn’t elect a Democrat. We elected a spineless, corporate centrist, who’s insipirng words where just air….

    To say President Obama has been the most Pro-LGBT President in U.S. History isn’t saying much. It’s like calling the a one-eyed man in a room full of blind men a “visionary”.

    It may well be that President Obama will be re-elected. But if he is it will be with no “coat tails”. If President Obama is given a second term it will be one where he faces a legislative branch that is completely controlled by crazy people.

    The result? The same obstructed comatose Government we have seen for the last three years, only with even fewer actual accomplishments. A woman’s right to choose while technically still the law of the land will be all but eliminated through a thousand cuts of “administrative rules” around reproductive health. (For those people who actually still HAVE health insurance that is….) The Environment will be toast America will be even more dependent on foreign oil and Chinese money to buy it. Which will guarentee that the one constant employer will be the Military as we fight war upon war over the stuff.

    Gays if they are smart will flee to Canada or the EU, and what minorities remain will find out what 2nd class citizen ship really means, as their rights to vote are all but walled off with new obstacles that the GOP says are there to stop (non-existent) “Voter Fraud”.

    THIS my friends will be the true legacy of the Obama Presidency- A great lost opportunity that opened the door to teabagger controlled government , and America’s final slide into depression and global irrelevance. Sounds crazy? One can only hope…

    Like with Gay rights, and other issues, f we are dependent upon President Obama to save us….? Good Luck with that. President Obama had the chance to be a transformative force in American History, and he chose not to.

  • Little Kiwi

    “President Obama had the chance to be a transformative force in American History, and he chose not to.”

    HAS the chance. it’s not over. Term Two, brother.

    “Gays if they are smart will flee to Canada or the EU”

    We Canadian/EU gays did the opposite – we came to the US to help.

    truly, DaveandEric, whom will you be voting for in the next election?

  • Michael


    I know that but ty for the condescending response is this really supposed to surprise me with this site?Didn’t think so.

  • Kurt

    If the president wants to deserve all the money and adulation he has already received from the gay community, he should announce his firm support for everyone’s freedom to marry.”

    LCR has every right to organize and try to advance their principles. But I am sick and tired of them pretending to be this distinterested observer making a political analysis (and I’m a little sick of place like Queerty allowing it).

    LCR’s Party has opposed us at every turn — DADT, ENDA, housing, health care, etc. Like some Guy once said “How can you say, ‘let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log [Cabin]that is in your own eye?”

    And given Berle hasn’t given the President any adulation or money, how about he shut his yap about what those of us who have contributed to the President’s re-election should expect of him. I thought Republicans didn’t believe in telling others what to do with their money?

  • Taylor

    Obama for 2012!

  • Interesting

    Boo Boo The Clown v. Howdie The Clown, Presidential Elections 2012!

    You people are so fucking captured in the mind set of your own failure, its not funny.

  • Robert in NYC

    No. 55, what is the alternative? A president Perry, Romney, Cain? Since when have they been supportive of any piece of equality legislation, let alone authored any? They even want to overturn repeal of DADT and retain DOMA. At least the democrats are no longer legislating against us but the GOP and its scumbags in the Civil Libertarian and Tea parties will do just that. Ron Paul believes states should have the right to legislate for and against marriage equality. What kind of a fucked up world is that? With the likes of him and his batshit crazy policies, we’ll get nothing in the remaining 44 states.

  • Allen D.

    “Is Queerty the Website With The Stupidest Fucking Headlines in the World??”


  • the crustybastard

    In the United States of Othermerica, Senator Green wanted to be president. He campaigned as a great supporter of environmental causes, and promised to be a “fierce advocate on behalf of the environment.”

    Once elected, President Green decided to fight environmentalists every time they brought a claim to federal court, and every time the environmentalists did win, President Green appealed the decision with the intent to have their victories rendered a nullity. President Green was a lawyer and is very successful in court. Othermerican industry is quietly very pleased by President Green’s courtroom strategies because it allows them to continue to degrade the environment with complete impunity.

    Politically, President Green refuses to make environmental issues a legislative priority, but makes a great show of taking credit for signing environmental bills enacted by Congress. President Green prefers to do things like issuing memos requiring office employees to us the recycle bins, which they’ve already been doing for years.

    President Green knows he and his family will always live in a place where his environment will be beautiful and safe, so he actually doesn’t really give a damn, but he can’t admit that, because that would sound pretty shitty. Ultimately, he just wants to plant ceremonial trees for photo-ops and make rousing pro-environment speeches before cheering environmental groups. That’s fun. If the Othermerican environment continues to be relentlessly, pointlessly, irretrievably damaged, well, it’s not really his problem.

    Even so, some Othermerican environmentalists still argue President Green is the very best environmental president ever!

    You’d be forgiven for believing Othermericans aren’t very smart.

  • Interesting

    @DaveandEric: Great comment. I think its a need to believe in the delusion. Without it, I think most Americans would fall apart.

  • Interesting

    @Robert in NYC: < example of the idiotic false choice of the American electorate.

    Either one is for Obama, or for the crazies in the GOP. Those are the only two choices because they aren't then that means the people spouting the "two choices" approach are just to afraid to fight for something better than the two bad choices.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Michael: Love your passion, bud. Regarding Kiwi, I’ve found that ignoring anything he/she writes—literally every comment it posts—makes the majority of people on this site seem that much more rational. We can’t make him/her go away, but pretending its comments aren’t there makes Queerty a much friendlier place.

    As for your friend Avalon—he’s evidently convinced himself that his religious beliefs protect him from any backlash when he criticizes others . . . but as a believer in karma, I expect old Av will get his one day. And with any luck it will involve shame, embarrassment, humiliation, and anything else gay people have had to endure as a result of persecution by people like him.

  • Michael

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Ty my friend feel free to send me an invite thats the only part you were confused about lol

    My username is AvalonJoyous666 on Youtube the person I copied and pasted must not have shown up his username is MinisterofMelancholy he was one of many who mocked the death of my father and created an account called Kendratheorphan.They called me Kendra based on me being gay and since they are homophobic and ignorant they associate gays with anything pertaining to being a girl or feminine.That part doesnt bother me considering I have friends who are gay and feminine and I lubs them.They continuously refer to me as Kendra and mock the death of my father and half these people claim to be CHRISTIANS.

    Ditto also I love your passion as well you’re one of the nice ones here thats a rarity on this site sadly.

    We can’t make him/her go away, but pretending its comments aren’t there makes Queerty a much friendlier place.

    Could not agree more and from here on out that person will be treated as the insignificant invisible person they are. :)

  • Mike

    Is Barack Obama’s The United States’ First Gay President?


  • Stephen Frost


    Being pro-equality doesn’t make him gay, any more than playing sax made Clinton black. What a pathetic article. I hate people abusing animals. I guess that makes me a parrot. (Save the pussy and ass jokes. They’re too obvious, people).

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Michael: Those fuckers! You tell me where I can find them and I’ll give them something to think about. Michael, even though we’re not always on the same page, we communicate well and respect one anothers’ opinions, and if someone is bashing you for that, I think they deserve an earful from me. Just say the word and sic me on the MinisterOfMelancholy. Opinons, I’ve always believed, may be valuable (but like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink), but nothing is more important or valubable than the way we treat and restpect one another. It truly pisses me off that someone is trashing you just because of who/what you are. Fucking cyber bullies. I swear to God, give me a shot at him; he’ll be sorry not only that he called you “Kendra,” but that he ever messed with the big M in the first place.
    Peace, bro.

  • Michael

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Thanks my friend and I agree you are one of the nicest ones ive met on this site barnone.I could care less what our differences are as long as we are capable of being respectful and kind to one another that is all that ever matters.Some here will never comprehend that simple fact though. :)

    Thats the video he and his pals have been harassing me on feel free to say something to them if you’d like to. :) I deeply respect your passion your personality and your kindness my friend you’re one of the good ones despite what we may agree or disagree with one another about you are indeed a nice person and a pleasure to know here. :)

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