Is Bullying A Gay Kid The Same As Molesting Them?

We, as a country, have to have a serious discussion about religious views that cause enormous harm to other people… I would say this, that clergy people who stand at their pulpit and they speak about gay people as sinners and an abomination, that is bullying a young kid. That is really—and I know this may sound exaggerated — but that is nothing less than child molestation of a child’s mind. It is devastating to a 14-year-old-kid to hear their rabbi or their imam or their priest or clergy person say that they are a sinner or an abomination… and I’m here to tell them, they are full and whole and wonderful and they will learn as life goes on that there are many, many people who feel that way.

– Faith in America’s Mitchell Gold talking to MSNBC about bullying and the anti-marriage amendment passed by the North Carolina legislature. Though we have no idea how “mental molestation” is any different from “mental abuse” we are happy that an LGBT community member has started calling our foes child molesters, something they have called us for a loooooonnnnngggg time.