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Is Drake LaBry Coming Along With Adam Lambert on the Idol Tour?

The bromance between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert is … adorable. The pair are in Los Angeles rehearsing with those other American Idol Top 10ers for the big summer tour! (Where they’ll be earning $100,000, supposedly). And as part of some gimmick-y (and: adorable) press event for the Los Angeles Times, they interviewed each other. What nonsense do we learn? Kris’ wife is going to stop by some of the tour cities, but no word whether Adam’s bf Drake LaBry is bunking. Our guess: Yes. But also: Roadies!

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  • Alex

    I love them, plain and simple. Adam is effing delicious, and Kris is so cute when he’s with him. You can’t deny the love of Kradam..real-life bromance is so beautiful :)[img][/img]

  • glen

    adam lambert looks fat.

    when did that happen?

  • schlukitz


    If you study any of his pictures carefully, one can see that he has a propensity toward pudginess. Check out his facial feature and you can see it.

    I suspect that he has to stick to rigid to keep from gaining weight.

  • schlukitz

    Oops…That should have read “I suspect that he has to stick to a rigid diet to keep from gaining weight.”

  • elw

    Adam just has that ‘it’ factor, can’t get enough of him!

  • Jason Chan

    I want to watch the porn of these two.

  • carla

    @ Jason Chan

    Me too. They just look so damn yummy together. You can’t deny the body chemistry. *crazy* LOL!


    He is still hot despite a bit on the weight gain. Compared to the finale, i think he already lost some weight. He has to continue though. I really Adore him!! Go Glambert!

  • alan brickman

    lambert will just be your typical philandering entertainer on the or straight….roadies bend over!!

  • D-Sun

    These two need to star in a buddy cop movie or something.

  • ophu

    Forget it Alan, I’ve heard he doesn’t go for guys named Alan! :D

  • dgz

    @D-Sun: i totally said the same thing during the season! it’s funny because it’s tru.

  • Mancy

    Adam and Kris are so cute together. I would love to see them in a movie together. Adam is absolutely gorgeous !!! Such an amazing singer and performer. I adore that man…Sexy Sexy…
    and sooooooooo sweet !

  • Persa

    Dudes are so ridiculous about weight. Gay dudes are worse.

    Every gay man does not have to have 6-pack abs to be considered sexy or attractive. Some folks like someone with a bit of meat on their bones and Adam Lambert is not even remotely fat given his size, he’s just not a hard body (like most real men)

    People call him fat and skinny in the same day, using the same photos, depending upon whether he’s standing up or sitting down. It’s crazy.

    I’m surprised more young gay dudes don’t have eating disorders considering how harsh and unrealistic men’s ideas about about other men’s bodies are

    He’s gorgeous, intelligent, sexy, kind, a great singer and a warm-hearted, beautiful person. That alone should make him a sex symbol for young gay men.

    Who cares if he’s got some tiny love handles? SERIOUSLY!

  • klm_denver

    Loved it!!!!!!!!!!

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