Is Hating On McCain Loving Gays “Intolerant”?

Homo-journo James Kirchick thinks the backlash against ManHunt founder and former John McCain backer Jonathan Crutchley proves how “intolerant” gay people can be:

The fact that Crutchley is a Republican ought not to come as much of a surprise then, especially considering that he’s a self-made millionaire. And he’s hardly a radical right-winger either. “I’m a Massachusetts Republican,” he wrote, “which is about the same as being an Alabama Democrat.”

But such nuance is apparently irrelevant to those who equate homosexuality with political liberalism.

For too long, many gay-rights activists have acted as if throwing temper tantrums will magically bring about their political agenda. But labeling everyone with whom they don’t agree a “bigot” does not help the worthy cause of gay equality.

The truth of the matter is that civil rights for gays can’t come about without the help of Republicans. And this means that gay people — and straight supporters of gay equality — need to stand with, not silence, people like Crutchley who are working to change the GOP from within.

While Republicans definitely do help with progressive politics – as we saw here in New York state – Senator McCain’s right-leaning ways go beyond his definition of marriage.

For example, he approves of Don’t As, Don’t Tell, a discriminatory measure that hurts the entire country, not just gay folk. Also, the candidate voted against expanding federal hate crime laws and also came out against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Whether a homo wants to support such policies is their business, but don’t be surprised if other gay people get their panties in a twist.