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Is It a Steakhouse, Or a Gay Bar?


In between addictions to Facebook and Twitter, we know your free time is limited. But just in case you’ve got anywhere from 60 seconds to 72 hours to kill, might we suggest trying your hand at our favorite new website, Steakhouse Or Gay Bar? It’s as simple as it sounds.

Many ordinary things have a gay ring to them. Pitcher. Joy Behar. Milk.

But perhaps none more than steakhouses that all too often sound like gay bars.

Is Tenderloin Room a place to score some Angus, or some ass? (Angus, in St. Louis.) Is Pink Pony where you can order up a filet mignon, or a fag? (Filet, in Phoenix.) Is Track’s the spot for beef, or, uh, beef? (The latter; it’s a gay bar in Denver). And then there’s Hole in the Wall (steakhouse, Pheonix), Bullshead (steakhouse, San Francisco), Tally-Ho Tavern (gay bar, Lancaster), and Big Bear Lodge (steakhouse, Detroit).

Next week, we’ll try to see if anyone’s collected the names of baby clothing stores that sound like gay bars.