Is Michelle Obama Vaguely Courting The LGBT Vote For Barack’s Campaign?

Chris Geidner over at Metro Weekly thinks a funny thing is happening on the way to the 2012-election forum: Michelle Obama is making a point of including language in her speeches that vaguely woos the LGBT vote.

Geidner writes:

At multiple events in New York City on Monday, March 19, First Lady Michelle Obama… made reference to the effect that Supreme Court appointees will have on “whether we can … love whomever we choose.”

Although she did not explicitly mention marriage equality, the possibility of a case raising that issue reaching the Supreme Court has been a regular topic of discussion—particularly in light of the challenge to California’s marriage amendment, Proposition 8, that is currently being considered by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

At a $5,000-a-plate fundraiser hosted by Robert de Niro and his wife Grace Hightower at Tribeca’s Locanda Verde restaurant, Michelle emphasized that Obama-selected Supreme Court judges are hoped to rule favorably on “freedom of love.” Metro quotes her with the following:

“[L]et us not forget about what it meant when my husband appointed those two magnificent Supreme Court justices. And for the first time in history, our daughters and our sons watched three women take their seat on our nation’s highest court.

“And let us not forget what their decisions—the impact those decisions will have on our lives for decades to come—on our privacy and security, on whether we can speak freely, worship openly, and, yes, love whomever we choose. [Applause.]

“But that’s what’s at stake. That’s the choice that we face.”

It does sound like she’s hinting pretty hard at Obama-appointed Supreme Court justices protecting liberty as applied to romantic relationships. It’s also no secret that gay men have an obsession with fierce, fashionable black women (which often results in a condition known as “homoniqua fever”), so she would be a great seductress to sic on us.

Is this wishful thinking on the part of the gay media, or do you think Michelle will woo her LGBTs while Barack continues to evolve in the Darwinian fashion?

Photo via Lord Mariser

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  • What?


  • LittIe,Kiwi

    it’s only “vague” to those who choose to continue to believe that President Obama is not on Our side.

    of COURSE he is. He’s a brilliant man who knows how history plays out and how history will remember him. Term Two will be a landmark year for LGBT people.

    this will, of course, be a terribly upsetting thing to Gay Republicans who will understandably be furious that a black Democrat will do what their beloved White Republicans have refused to do for them – namely grant Equality to LGBT under US law.

    it’ll happen.

  • JayKay

    “It’s also no secret that gay men have an obsession with fierce, fashionable black women”


  • dvlaries

    She needn’t work very hard at it: we’ll vote for her husband in self defense alone. Mormons have always hated us, and Santorum doesn’t even count us as human.

  • hunnylvr

    I agree wholeheartedly with Little Kiwi on this one. Obama IS a brilliant man, and he is playing this one 100% right. Let him get re-elected (and he will, considering the clown car full of the insane posse that is the Repug nominees). Once the election is over, and Obama begins his 2nd term – that’s when the big payoff will happen for all of us. I truly think he’s a genuine and intelligent man, and he will do the right thing. I’d go so far as to say I just love him.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    Obama is, hands-down, my favourite President this country has ever seen.

    It’s gonna be a sad day for a lot of sad people during his second term when they realize that they owe their liberty, freedoms and cultural equality to a black liberal man whose middle name is Hussein.

  • YouKnowIt!


    Since when is being disingenuous brilliant?

    “I’d go so far as to say I just love him.” You’re a good little sheep; Barack appreciates it!

  • PS

    Obama is bankrupting this country. Brilliant?

    Gays will be able to marry eventually, mostly because of society changing and court rulings. All this while Bush 3 sits in the Oval Office starting his next war and throwing money at the wind and corrupt companies. Oh, that’s 40% borrowed money per dollar as a reminder. From our allies in China no less.

    Brilliant? Hardly. LGBT members would doing far better had Obama not fought against DADT and DOMA in the courts for 2 – 3 years. And why did Obama leave LGBT marriages out of his immigration directive months ago? Why did he want the 9th Circuit to NOT declare DADT unconstitutional? It would have only given gays further protections AND benefits had he not fought that ruling which WAS certain. Not to mention the greatest court victory for gays since DOMA and DADT were signed in by Clinton & the Repubs.

    The LGBT community needs to continually push Obama and most other Democrats into marriage equality. For now most Democratic elected officials still do NOT believe in full marriage equality. We are 4 – 8 years away from seeing Democrats as a majority committing to that platform. It’s not politically safe for most of them yet. Keep in mind that it was just this year that liberal Washington state passed marriage equality and it’s future is uncertain due to their referendum process. It took 7 years for that governor to evolve. Just before she leaves office no less. 40+ states are far behind even that type of progress.

    Bottom line, our Senators and Representatives (and the Pres) need constant letters and e-mails from the LGBT community that remind them of the illegal injustices we face every day. We shouldn’t tolerate “safe” votes when we are STILL being told to ride on the back of the bus by elected officials who play it safe vs. taking a risk like several NY Republicans recently took. I don’t accept half hearted and safe votes when my rights are being denied each day. Obama’s fierce advocacy hasn’t helped my parter and I AT ALL in any practical way and yet many want to blindly follow this scared leader who should have personal knowledge on what discrimination feels like. Even at that he was an adult AFTER racial equality was born. He has never tasted true inequality when it comes to state and federal discrimination via the law.

    Obama is not brilliant. He lacks courage to lead. Like many politicians he follows society’s “ok” before acting in accordance to the US Constitution. We had brilliant heroes in the 60’s. Obama is neither. Don’t ask me WHO is our brilliant hero of today. There are so few. Look for a politician that takes risks and FIGHTS for equality vs. safely giving in.

  • GOD (gay old dude)

    @hunnylvr: So, we just haven’t given Obama enough time to come around, is that it? Really? You’re sadly, hopelessly clueless.

  • Right Is Right

    @LittIe,Kiwi: Your fawning over Obama is admirably nauseating, but how can our liberty and freedom be ensured when he’s moving us toward socialism and class warfare?

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    here come the anonymous trolls.

    hey boys, try finding a leading GOP contender who talks to LGBT people like decent human beings of worth.

    hey, Obama-haters, got a specific plan of action for whom you will be voting for in the next election? Just curious.

    it appears LGBT Issues are of very big important to you. so, whom did you vote for in the last election and whom will you be voting for this autumn?

    specifics, please.

  • Let's be real

    Obama is NOT for LGBT equality or same gender marriage. No other President or his administration has defended DOMA as much has he has. Plus his whole “Gawd’s in da mix” speech was total BS and a slap in the face to everyone that’s LGBT and LGBT youth. Then again there are tons of Obamabots on this thread so they’ll deny this.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    Hey Let’s Be Closeted & Anonymous, if you care so much about LGBT Equality then can you please let us know who the better candidate to vote for in 2012 is?

    Curious, whom did you vote for in the last election?

    it’s clear that you care deeply about lGBT Equality, so if you could state specifically whom would be a better vote in terms of advancing LGBT Equality then I think we’d all appreciate it.


  • LittIe,Kiwi


    who did you vote for in the last election, and whom do you suggest as a better LGBT-Equality supportive candidate?

    specifics, please.

  • erasure25

    “No other President or his administration has defended DOMA as much has he has.”

    Except that he is not defending DOMA. The only ones defending it are the House Republican leaders.

  • jason

    Obama has sent her out to try to win back our votes. He knows that he’s lost a lot of us. However, she comes across as stilted and awkward. She can’t even mention the word “gay”.

    Sorry, Michelle, but your husband ain’t getting my vote.

  • [email protected]

    A wise man once said “a great politician is one who looks to see which way the mob is going,
    then runs out in front, and yells ‘This Way’!” Obama will yell “this way” once the US ‘mob’ finally decides that gays are not actually scary.

  • Ronbo

    If President Obama has been on our side all this time, then why does he refuse to support marriage equality saying that he can’t because, “God is in the mix.”?

    Why does President Obama STILL insist on denying married gay individuals entrance into the USA when DOMA does not forbid the activity?

    Why do people think a black man can not be bigoted against LGBT individuals?

    Why did Obama fight repeal of DADT until Pelosi had the repeal passed in the House and Reid had the votes to repeal it in the Senate?

    Make your choice based upon facts. Remember, he still is fiercly AGAINST marriage equality…his “God is in the mix”, not yours.

  • PS


    You’re essentially asking which candidate is LESS “anti-LGBT” than the others.

    Obama is letting us ride on the bus. Nobody is disputing this. But, he’s still telling us to ride in the back of the bus. This is the case with over 60 – 70% of the Democrats and probably 95% of the Republicans. It is extremely rare that a Democratic Senator, Representative or Presidential candidate expresses that LGBT rights should be 100% equal and extended to marriage, Social Security benefits, military spousal benefits, etc. No exceptions. To Obama and the vast majority of politicians we are still second class citizens.

    Until Obama changes his tune he is still prejudiced and has views of bigotry. Second class is second class… even if you move the equality line 2 inches. Considering that he defended DOMA and DADT for 2 – 3 years of his administration shows that he is not the fierce advocate everyone thought he’d be. He’s done more for the vast majority of Republicans for sure. But, let’s also not forget that LGBT rights are ONE important issue in this country. As it relates to wars, privacy and freedoms and controlling spending… he is Bush 3.

  • Ronbo

    @LittIe,Kiwi: Oh my! Your kiwis are little. Just like your thought process.

    Please, stick with the facts. “God is in the mix” is his motto.

  • Shannon1981

    Just look at what you could wind up with if you choose to oppose the current President. If you value your lives at all, you’ll vote for Barack Obama.

  • Ronbo

    @Shannon1981: Yet, all the Republican candidates say, “I agree with President Obama.” when asked about gay issues. Perhaps you should value a good education BEFORE you go betting your life. It’s worth much, much more than a plug nickel.

  • Booker

    @LittIe,Kiwi: Who’s been in the Oval Office up until now?

  • Sam

    Little Kiwi, your coercion will not work, give it up already dude. Not everyone has to have a blog, site, or u-tube vids whatever. No one has to give into your demands. Always the same crap, different day, “…show your self, show me your site and videos or you’re not out, put up a pic, or you’re not masculine and hate effeminates…” “Everyone here is closeted except for me!” Give it a rest. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, we got it…you’re here, you’re queer, good for you haha thankfully not everyone is exactly like you.

  • Shannon1981

    @Ronbo: LMAO since when? Santorum has said he’ll dissolve marriages.Sometimes voting is about picking the lesser of the evils.

  • Andy

    @PS: Stop telling us facts. What matters is that we “feel” that Obama is the bestiest president ever so he is. When Obama says, “I believe in marriage between a man and a woman” that’s code for “In my third term, I may say something nice about gays.”

  • Jake

    It is very interesting for me to read that Obama is cited as the best president that this country has ever had. But I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’ve also read that some view Obama as brilliant, which is something that I won’t deny. After all, to become president of the United States, you have to be brilliant at something. His brilliance rests in his ability to use rhetoric to ignite enthusiasm and hope of a country. Or at least, enough of it to win the presidency.

    In regards to his interactions with the LBGT community, I will be the first to acknowledge that I am probably not as knowledgeable as many others regarding the topic. I do recall him expressing equality for the LBGT community, and I am also aware that many of the LBGT community feel let down by Obama’s lack of change that he built his platform for president upon. I’ll also admit that I did not vote for Obama, nor is it my current plan to vote for him again in the upcoming election.

    For some reason, I never felt it necessary to have a president that is for gay marriage even though I am gay. Perhaps that is because I am young, meaning I have some time before I will consider getting married. For those who are older than me though, time is not a luxury that they feel that they can afford. I’ve always heard that patients is a virtue of a wise and mature man, but I guess even the most wise and most mature of men will find their patients wearing a bit thin.

    Perhaps I am also a pessimist since I believe that it is simply impossible for a president to create the change needed in the many areas of distress in our society. So for whatever reason, I am willing to give up on LBGT marriage equality in favor of some other issues. These issues include stabilizing the economy and the country’s financial profile, reinventing our country’s position in the international community, and reforming our public school system to better prepare the following generations for the world’s increasingly competitive environment. Of course, these are simply things that I value what other’s may or may not agree with.

    I’m sure that I will get some heat for my lack of interest in equality for the LBGT community. That is fair. After all why would I, a young college student, wouldn’t want to fight for my future right to marry the person I fall in love with? It seems sensible that I would fight that right for myself, those older than me, and those younger than me. But for some reason, I am not passionate about the idea.

    I honestly do not know why I wrote this unnecessarily long response that had little to do with anything. I guess I am just a young gay male that felt the need to express his opinion. There is one thing that I do know however; sometimes I can’t help but let out a defeated sigh when I read all of the pro-LBGT rhetoric that circulates throughout our society. When I realized that I was gay and that I was going to have a tough time coming to terms with the fact that I was gay, I never thought that the population that I would feel the most exiled from was the LBGT community itself. It is what it is, so I will continue to live my life a bit distant from a community that I should feel proud to be a part of; a community that seems to only throw me into a mood of shame and disappointment. I hope that someday my opinion will change and I will find solace in the LBGT community.

    But for now, this is how I feel. And going back to the original reason for my post, I can’t help but feel that Obama is not the president for me. But in all honesty, who really cares what I feel? After all, we’re all entitled to feels of our own.

  • Clockwork

    Of course Obama is more pro-GLBT than Republicans, off course the majority of Democrats want gay marriage, and of course Obama needs GLBT turn out to reach 50.1% in November.

    I like my equality to come with prosperity.

    At this point with the changes that have occurred in American culture toward GLBT-ers.
    I will still go with Romney, I’ll take a booming economy over the moribund job growth of
    Obama’s policies anytime.

    Favorable GLBT policies (as mandated by government or however you like to have them served) will continue to move forward no matter what happens in November. Will the economy…nah.
    Give me a real economy — as in the Reagan-Bush-Clinton 80’s-90’s, otherwise your just living in a south Mediterranean version of America.

  • jason

    I don’t think I’ve heard Obama utter the word “gay” in public for the last 2 years. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

  • tjr101

    Meh, Michelle Obama need not court the gay vote…Obama is going to win it any way along with women and the other minority groups in America.

    In any case, Romney is very unappealing even to the GOP base.

  • Libertarian Larry

    @Let’s be real:

    Bravo to you all for your brave and common-sense stance in the face of such lunacy. It’s refreshing to see that not all of us are automatons who believe everything fed to us by the left is gospel.

  • PS


    …”off course the majority of Democrats want gay marriage…”

    You’re joking, right? We had significant majorities of Democrats in the HOUSE, SENATE AND WHITE HOUSE for 2 years and DOMA, DADT, ENDA and UAFA weren’t touched. Democrats were only working on their healthcare plan, NOT passing any budgets AND taking 3 – 4 day weekends. Most Democrats on the federal level are still MIA when ti comes to endorsing marriage equality.

    It wasn’t until last year and significant outside pressure that DADT was addressed. In fact, the 9th Circuit had already ruled that DADT was unconstitutional AND Obama’s Justice Department fought to have that ruling reconsidered, delayed and eventually tossed.

    When the “majority of Democrats” want gay marriage THAT will make news. But, until then ONLY Democrats in safe districts are the “majority” of Democrats that support gay marriage. Even in liberal Washington State the very liberal Gregoire didn’t get OK with gay marriage until her last year (of two 4-year terms) to support gay marriage. Prior to that this governor didn’t support them at all. Prior to that she only wanted second class “Domestic Partnerships.”

    Keep in mind, not ONE major Democratic Presidential candidate in 2008 supported marriage equality. “I believe in the traditional definition of marriage…. but equality for all.” Double speak.

  • the crustybastard

    Ah, yes — the importance of the Supreme Court. What are they doing today? Oh, I know…

    The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments [today] in a case involving the arrest of a Colorado man who was thrown in jail after telling Vice President Cheney in 2006 that the Bush Administration’s policies in Iraq were “disgusting.”…

    “I walked up to him and told him that I thought his policies in Iraq were disgusting, and I walked away, and then I left and picked up my child at piano camp,” says Howards.

    About ten minutes later, Howards was back in the area, but had become separated from his son. The agents, who didn’t know Howards had lost track of his son, said they saw him looking anxious.

    Agent Reichle of the Denver office went over to Howards and asked if he would answer a few questions about his conversation with Cheney. Howards said no and told Reichle that if he didn’t want people accosting Cheney, he should “keep Cheney out of public places.”

    “The Secret Service agent got furious,” Howards says, adding that he quickly found himself handcuffed “with my hands behind my back and I was being charged with felony assault of the vice president.”…

    Indeed, in depositions taken in 2007, the Secret Service agents directly contradicted each other. Reichle, the agent who made the arrest, did not himself witness Howard’s encounter with Vice President Cheney. He testified that agents assigned to the vice president had told him that Howards made “unsolicited physical contact that was perceived in an aggressive and threatening nature.”

    But two other agents who actually witnessed the encounter between Howards and Cheney, did not support Reichle’s account of threatening behavior, and they said Reichle had asked them to change their reports to comport with Reichle’s version of events. Reichle has since been transferred to Guam…

    In this case, the agents, backed by the Obama administration, are contending that in cases involving protection of the president and vice president in particular, law enforcement officers must make split-second decisions — and that their protective actions would be chilled if they could be sued for making the wrong call. They want immunity from lawsuits.


    President “Constitutional Scholar” Obama is siding with law-enforcement officers who arrested and imprisoned a citizen 10 minutes after he criticized the vice-president, on the basis officers need to be immunized against making poor snap judgements?

    President Obama wants cops to be able to violate citizen’s constitutional rights without repercussions.


  • Clockwork


    Right here:

    Elected officials no, registered Democrats – yes:
    After all who is the First Lady courting? Voters or elected Democrats?

    A majority of Democrats (56%) favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally, as do 51% of independents. By comparison, just 27% of Republicans favor same-sex marriage while 66% are opposed. In recent years, support for gay marriage has risen sharply among Democrats and independents, while Republicans’ views have shown less change.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    here’s what i love most about this thread – the closeted wimps coming on to complain Obama yet cannot state who they voted for in the last election, nor whom they’ll be voting for in the next one.

    if you care so deeply about LGBT Equality then whom, specifically, do you tout as the best Presidential candidate?

    specifics, please.

    here’s a fun game: google as hard as you can, you will find NO derogatory ant-gay rhetoric from President Obama. NONE.

    not so with the GOP contenders.

    but hey, keep hating Obama you wimps. Won’t change the fact that your own fathers resent having to call you Son.

    i’d ask you to prove me wrong with your own URL’s where you show just how pro-Equality your amazing Republican family members are, but well all know that won’t happen because they’re not.

    this goes for all you trolls, who really are just one or two guys posting with various aliases. this cowardice is the reason your dad is ashamed of you. it’s not because you’re gay, but because you’re such spineless wimps about it.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    btw, “Sam”, i love that you copy-and-paste the same thing about me all the time. Now take that anger and throw it back at your dad. Neither I nor president Obama are the reason he doesn’t love you.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    oh, and JAKE, the reason you’ve found no solace “in the LGBT Community” is because you’ve not yet found solace with yourself as a gay man.

    you’re saying the same things I was saying when i was 16 years old.

    It was B.S. when I said it then, and it’s B.S. when you’re saying it now.

    of course you feel “exiled” from the gay community – it’s a self-imposed exile. your only sense of identity and security comes from distancing yourself from it. then you complain that you’re not being embraced.

    it’s your own damn fault, to be frank.

    no self-respecting gay man wants to hang out with a gay man who doesn’t respect himself, and his communities, enough to fight for what is Right and Just.

    you probably don’t even realize this. hopefully you’ll wise up, or else you can look forward to a truly miserable life as an adult.

  • PS


    “…the closeted wimps coming on to complain Obama yet cannot state who they voted for in the last election, nor whom they’ll be voting for in the next one.”

    So, someone who complains against Obama is automatically a closeted wimp? Aren’t we adults here vs. calling names of others who have an opinion?

    Obama has failed the USA miserably. He’s essentially a Bush 3 when it comes to wars, spending, disregarding privacy, dodging FOI requests, ignoring US law, Gitmo, etc. He’s the “best” choice amongst presidential contenders when it comes to LGBT issues. However, that certainly doesn’t make him a good president. His version of LGBT rights is to get us on the “bus” – then tell us to get to the back of it. He’s current NOT for full marital equality and neither is the bulk of Democrats in the Senate or House. It’s not politically “safe” for any of them, which makes our elected officials more concerned about their jobs than about the US Constitution and ending discrimination.

    Most of us who are concerned about LGBT rights take an active role in some part. It’s not all about an election every 2 or 4 years. At a minimum, we are in active contact with our elected representatives both locally (state) and on the federal level. None of our elected officials, Democrats included, should receive a “pass” when it comes to LGBT issues. Until we move from second class citizens to full equality, we’re still being told to sit in the back of the bus.

    Progressively both Democrats and Republicans are moving on this issue. Obviously Democrats have moved faster and further. Public pressure forced many elected officials to move towards equality in NY and WA States. Several Democrats refused to vote for equality…. while a handful of Republicans risked their own jobs and voted FOR equality. In time an increasing number of Democrats and Republicans will be voting for equality… when it is safe. Until then, we have a lot of cowards. We also have Bush 3 in the White House who apparently some gays still thinks Obama walks on water. If we continue to give Obama a pass, he’ll remain silent and protect himself. Unlike some other foreign leaders who have stood up for equality, Obama remains silent.

    As mentioned previously, Obama is the “best” choice if we’re voting strictly based on LGBT issues. But, he’s still not for full equality AND he’s essentially another Bush when it comes to so many other issues. In countless ways he’s really broken so many promises and further hurt this country. So much for closing Gitmo and ending wars. And, what about $1 billion in bombs thrown into Libya without any congressional approval? Since when is bombing another country not war? Apparently when Obama is president he writes his own rules and many give him a pass.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    prove me wrong, PS.

    got the URl to your own webpage or youtube video where you put a face and name to yourself as a proud politcally-opinionated gay man?

    i can do it. can you?

    i call your bluff.

  • Jake

    @LittIe,Kiwi: I can’t help but feel that my point was proven.

  • ian

    if Obama is neutral, and maintains equality should come from the ground up i.e. the State level, rather than the top down, from the federal level, which seems to be his position, he clearly the right choice to make compared to the GOP lunatics.

  • Why So Bitter

    I don’t think B.O. needs the LGBT vote? It’s not like they have any REAL power.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Nice to see people would vote for a war criminal just to make gay marriage legal.

    Are you forgetting the 2014 midterms? If he does get re-elected, he’ll probably use that as an excuse.

  • Clockwork

    Hey Kiwi,

    If I posted my social security number and name,
    told you I voted for Hillary in 2008 primaries, Obama in November 2008; because
    I thought he was the right man at the right time, but his presidency turned out
    economically just as I feared.
    And now I am voting for Romney because he is the right man at the right time.
    And then posted my home address…would you accept my line of thinking…No

    How do we know this is really you anyway, people spoof identities on the web all the time.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    lordy, the excuses you wimps continue to give is pathetic.

    a collection of boys with stupid opinions, and none of you have the balls to back your stuff up.

    this is why your families are ashamed of you and don’t visibly and vocally champion LGBT equality – you dont’ respect yourselves, so why should they respect you?

    enjoy your lives living in your closets. i’m so sorry that a black liberal democrat will do more for you than your own white conservative families ever will. it’s clearly fuck you all up royally.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    Jake, you will continue to feel exiled as long as you care more about what anti-gay people think than how you feel about yourself.

    you’re in a typical trap – you win the favor of the people you associate with by being all “oh, im not like THOSE gays, i’m just not accepted by THEM”

    grow a pair, kiddo. or continue to waste your life. wont’ affect us proudly gay liberal guys. it’ll only make you more miserable.

    as for anyone considering Fred Karger…AHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!

    what next, ross perot? ;-)

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