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Is Sex and the City‘s Michael Patrick King Annoying Anybody Else?

I’m getting a bit annoyed with Michael Patrick King, the director behind Sex and the City 2. For someone who’s so perturbed about anyone saying the flick has a specific gay-interest bent (which it does), he sure is hung up on straight guys who watch his movies. Got a complex much?

King says the notion that SATC is a gay story is an “antique question.” Which it is; but it doesn’t make the premise a false one. “I always said that the reason that Sex and the City actually became present in people’s minds is it was a voice that needed to be heard, and at that time it was the single girl as leper, the outsider, anyone who wasn’t married after 30 when society told them they should be married.”

And then there’s this: “I don’t really think that gay men are drawn to this any more than anyone who likes a good story.”

Oh please, you silly fag. You know exactly why gay men are drawn to this story more than straight male audiences. It’s not even about the shoes or the wardrobe; it’s that we identify with these four women, from their sex drives to their emotional rollercoasters, because we trudge through the same things, only in less glamorous surroundings. Generally speaking, straight men don’t talk about their emotions and feelings and fears the way Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte — and gay men — do.

So it was a bit disturbing, then, to see King wondering aloud whether straight guys are going to finally “admit” to watching SATC. Jesus, buddy, how bad do you want to be the popular kid?

It seems a lot of straight men need a word coach or a lawyer when it comes to discussing Sex and the City.

First comes the disclaimer: “My wife makes me watch it with her.” I always imagine these guys tied to a chair, like Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange, head in a vice, forced in the direction of HBO on Demand. I picture their loving wife or girlfriend sitting next to them, sipping a Cosmo, tears of joy glistening in the corners of her eyes as she leans over and says, “That wasn’t so bad was it?”

There is also the “I was so drunk last night, I don’t remember a thing” straight man approach. This usually involves some sort of denial that leads to a confession: “I was flipping around on the remote, and at first I didn’t know what it was—then I realized what I was watching—and I thought, ‘Hey, let me see what the fuss is all about.’” At this point, I lean in expectantly, hoping to hear his positive reaction to the show or the movie—but nothing comes. He’ll confess to watching to see what the fuss is all about, but that’s as far into the fuss about the fuss as he’s going to go.

And when King does see evidence that, hey, maybe straight guys like his stuff? He shits on it.

Recently, I heard that Jonah Hill—young, cool, straight, brilliant, funny Jonah Hill—told a reporter that he is excited to see Sex and the City 2. As much as I am thrilled with that information, a good part of my more realistic self thinks: He’s just going to see it to get laid. (And if that is the case, I am happy to help a brother out.)

Michael Patrick King has more successes and bank account zeroes than I’ll ever have, but there’s something just really obnoxious about this guy pretending he isn’t making candy fare for the gays. A community to which he belongs. I understand he needs to market the movie to mass audiences, so maybe he doesn’t entirely believe his own remarks, but I’m beginning to truly doubt it.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to go see your little Abu Dhabi brochure movie.

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  • CountMeOut

    who is this ugly queen?

  • Dino

    “Oh please, you silly fag.”
    LOL that made my morning. Regardless that he looks like an extra on Lord of the Rings, I agree he should own up and accept that the film is for and enjoyed by gays and what is wrong with that? Its like he has to get some sort of “straight cred” to validate the movie.

  • Darling Nikki

    Boycott the film.

  • Bill

    This article is nothing but fodder to be used to show the world that no one hates a homosexual more than homosexuals hate themselves.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for disparaging a man with the balls to be an out gay man in a society that wishes him harm.

    Instead, you pile on more insults.

    Way to go. Be proud.

  • Queen Anne

    I find it very irritating that Michael Patrick King keeps saying how this movie/series is so ground breaking because it’s about single women, or it’s a woman’s point of view, or it’s a universal woman’s story, etc etc when he’s still a dude. Yes, this is a story about women, but wouldn’t it have more resonance if it was, oh I don’t know, directed and or written by a woman? That is, if it truly does represent and express these ‘womanly’ sentiments that MPK so vehemently insists that it does.

  • Cam

    No. 4 · Bill
    This article is nothing but fodder to be used to show the world that no one hates a homosexual more than homosexuals hate themselves.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for disparaging a man with the balls to be an out gay man in a society that wishes him harm.

    Instead, you pile on more insults.

    1. The guy came out late, sounds like he still may have issues.

    2. He bases a movie with a large gay audience in a location where being gay is illegal.

    3. He is pretending that the movie is only speaking to women. If he doesn’t want gay guys to go see his film, fine, but he is being very old Hollywood about this (Oh, I won’t use the word gay, but they’ll all go see it anyway, I don’t need to cater to them.) He should ask Sean Hayes about how well that act is going over lately.

  • UMB

    Is that why he doesn’t put an actual queer storyline in SATC, he doesn’t actually want it to be gay? Figures, the show stopped being edgy and poignant after the first season anyway.

  • Mike L.

    OMG the picture is so funny.

  • An Other Greek

    “That doesn’t mean I’m not going to go see your little Abu Dhabi brochure movie.”


    Well, I won’t be.

    And it’s no effort on my part, never really was into this kind of schlock…

    But, more importantly, ABU DHABI????

    They wouldn’t even allow it to be filmed there!

    The film was made in Morocco!

    Why choose to expose (however fictitiously) such a backward, nouveau riche, HOMOPHOBIC, misogynistic, religious monarchy???

    Oh, I know why, because this film is about decadence, and we Americans, put all those nasty identifiers to the side if there are lots of $$$ in the pic…

    Gilded Abu Dhabi, we love it!!

    Even though it really ought to disgust Americans who identify with American values, not Hollywood corporate schlock values…

    Sham, wow!


  • Jeremy

    SATC has been in our lives long enough. It’s time to move on.

  • Random Rashes

    Who gives a shyte about these four old hags! And besides, if they actually were in Abu Dabba Doo filming this, they’d be beheaded.

  • jeffree

    Maybe it’s a generational or a regional thing, but not even the gay guys I hang with (ages about 23 to 29) ever really got into the show, so i cant imagine us going 2 the movie.

    Str8 guys might of watched the show but uness theyre dragged to to the movie by the wife or gf, I dont think theyll be going either….

  • Suburban

    I loved the TV show but the 1st movie was OK, not great. @Random Rashes, 4 old hags? little bit of ageism? oh when your over 40 you should just die?

  • randy

    Thanks, Queerty, for calling BS on King. I totally agree with you on this one. It’s very annoying to hear that the reason we liked SATC was because it had nothing to do with gayness.

    Hello! You had two gay guys as semi-regulars, shoes, clothes, sex talk, strong women, glam settings, and the life we all want to live all wrapped into a one hour show, and you think this holds no attraction for gay men? Go back to the closet pronto!

  • jeffree

    The early reviews from critics are coming in & theyre not very pretty, via: thedailybeast[dot]com

    my female neighbor is about 37 & she’s planning on going 2 see the film, but her bf has already “weasled out” she says….

  • alan brickman

    Makes so much sense it is a straight film….wouldn’t gays get “excuted” in the Saudi countries the girls visit?…..

  • andrea

    Didn’t a guy name Darren Star create the show and write it when it was cool and good?

  • jeffree

    Check the google for early reviews of the movie. So far, not good–but that has no bearing on how many people will go see the film…. I just wish they didnt reduce so many LG characters to stereotypes in that show…And the lack of people of color runs close 2 “Friends” but they had Ross date a Black Woman PhD.

    New ghay mantras before exposure to these kind of movies:
    –“I am not an object to be ridiculed or taken lightly”
    –“No I am not going to Abu Dhabi 2 carry ur dang luggage SJP!”

  • Random Rashes

    They are 4 Old Hags. And they’re over 50 acting like they’re still 23. It’s like seeing 40 year olds wearing Hollister t-shirts. Who cares! It’s not ageism, it’s reality.

  • Suburban

    @Random Ashes, the only one of the women who is 50 or over 50 is Kim Catrall and I loved Samantha on the show. The other women are in their 40’s. Why is it ok for Sean Connery to bed a 25 year old woman but you never see an actress over 50 in bed with a guy in his 20’s, that’s called a double standard. This is a youth obsessed society and I’m guilty of it myself sometimes. God help Matthew Rush when he’s 45.

  • jeffree

    What was the point? The biggest star of SATC was NYC itself: So when Michael decided to take the ladies out of the city for so long, put them in an exotic foreign desert to explore in 5 inch heels on the backs of camels, and expected that it would add Pizzazz, the results are bound to be a mess.

    i heard on the radio that the clothes are over the top & mostly rediculous given the setting in a country that requires women to dress modestly & have few rights. Oops, bad idea Mike P King…

  • Sexy Rexy

    So WHAT?

  • LTS

    Michael Patrick King, your a fine looking fella,
    I think you look best when your clad out in leather!
    Your curly locks are like brown silvery threads,
    gently Weaved around at the top of your head!

    Have I mentioned how clever and imaginative you are,
    your the best writer/director in L.A. by far!
    Your spell bounding stories, are like superglue,
    ignore all those critics, cos they’re talking Pooh!

    I hope with these words, I have got your attention,
    cos I think I can offer you, a new dimension!
    I have an idea, for a new film, up north,
    if your impressed, it could lead to a forth!

    I’m not looking for stardom, or even a credit,
    now don’t get excited cos you’ve not even read it!
    I could sketch you some boards, to get out the plot,
    C’mon my wee laddie, I need funds for ma yacht!

    Well then, If you want my idea’s give me a tweet,
    even if you don’t, I’ll still think that your sweet!
    So good bye, farewell, God bless and take care,
    now, don’t get too excited and fall down the stair!

    NO OFFENCE INTENDED – kuriouscat.

  • Jon Kinnally

    @CountMeOut: all you haters should lighten the fuck up. michael patrick king is a very talented writer and director, an out proud gay guy and a friend to gays and straights alike. and adorable. how fucking mean to say some of this stuff about a person none of you know! SATC is just a show and a couple of movies that many, many people like and a lot of people find the need to disparage. well you cant please everyone. but he must be doing something right. and i say anything that gets women over forty on a tv or movie screen and shows them as dimensional characters is important (and it does bitches! the scene in SATC2 where miranda and charlotte bond over secretly thinking theyre bad mothers is funny and heartbreaking and you aint gonn see that shit in movies).

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