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Is the FDA Going to Approve Gardasil to Fight Anal Cancer In Guys, Or What?

If there is a medical solution out there that will help prevent cancer from forming in sexually active gay men, shouldn’t we be championing the shit out of it? As recently as October, we were getting all excited about a possible recommendation from the FDA to have young boys receive a Gardasil vaccination treatment, the same one young girls receive to fend off HPV-causing cervical cancer, which in men can cause anal cancer. And now, the data speaks.

We’re generally skeptical of Big Pharma and their studies, because these companies are about making money; saving lives and improving health are only a neat side effect. But Gardasil’s manufacturer Merck’s latest research “found three injections of the vaccine reduced risk of young men developing anal cancer or precancerous lesions of the anus by about 77 percent, compared with those in a group getting dummy shots. The study included 598 men aged 16 to 26. No men in either group developed anal cancer, but 24 who got dummy shots and five who got the vaccine developed precancerous lesions. The men were tested for three years on average, starting with the first dose.”

The study will be used to influence the FDA into approving Gardasil for use in boys. Yes, even the heterosexual ones who won’t grow up to upset New Hampshire State Rep. Nancy Elliott.

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  • Tallskin

    How common is anal cancer in sexually active gay men???

  • Qjersey

    Anal cancer…more than in heteros…and this doesn’t include counting those with “pre-cancerous lesions” or “squamous cells” caused by HPV that have to be removed by cryo-freezing, chemical burn or laser.

  • Oh Boy

    The rate of anal cancer is growing. So while it may not be as common it is something to be concerned about.

    My question is – can gay men in their thirties of forties receive the vaccination?

    Or is it already assumed those men already carry the HPV virus, since it is so hard to detect in men in the first place…

  • Dealwithreality

    Will this vaccination also be preventative of oral Throat cancers due to HPV?

  • Edfu

    *HPV is the most common STD in the world.

    *Over 60% of HIV-negative gay men have anal HPV infection.

    *Nearly 100% of HIV-positive gay men have anal HPV infection.

    *Approximately 81% of HIV-positive gay men have AIN (anal intraepithelial neoplasia), a precursor of anal cancer.

    *There are an estimated 35 cases of anal cancer per 100,000 gay men. (The estimated rate of anal cancer in the general population is 0.9 per 100,000.) Another study put the rate of anal cancer among all gay men at 2.5%.

    *The rate of anal cancer among HIV-positive gay men is almost twice as likely as among HIV-negative gay men. Anal cancer among HIV-positive gay men is not related to high viral load or low CD4 counts.

    *Condoms do not protect against HPV infection. Anal intercourse is not necessary for HPV infection. HPV infection is spread by skin-to-skin contact.

  • damon459

    This is all well and good but what about those of us over 26?

  • ossurworld

    You can bet your bottom dollar this needs more study.

  • Daniel

    I researched the Gardasil vaccine and found a local clinic that administered the vaccine to men (a practice called off-label use). You just have to sign a waiver.

    It took a long time to finish the three shots (takes several months between boosters) and it’s expensive since it’s not covered by insurance ($150 per shot) but I feel better having done it.

    It’s not so useful to you if you’ve already been exposed to HPV. At 30 I am over the typical age limit…however I’ve not been sexually active so there was a point (separate discussion lol). The age limit is totally arbitrary. It’s just assumed that people will be sexually active and exposed by 26.

    Gardasil covers more than one strain of HPV (there are many) but the ones covered are the most common. Even if you’ve been exposed to one strain of HPV you may not have been exposed to all of them so there’s still a point.

    Of course everyone should make their own medical choices, it’s early in the life cycle of this vaccine, I researched like crazy, made the choice and committed to it but it’s a personal decision. Gay men should be more aware of HPV and anal cancer, it’s a serious issue that at the very least you want to be informed of how it’s transmitted and what happens when you are exposed.

  • Skip

    Daniel, In what city are you and what is the name of the clinic that allows off-label use for us old fogies? Thanks.

  • Skip

    @Skip: Daniel, I tried getting Gardasil from my doctor at the Fenway CLinic in Boston but the doctor declined to provide the off-label vaccine. Do you know of a good doc in Boston to ask for this? Thanks

  • Daniel

    @Skip: Hi Skip, here in Portland, OR there is the Westover Heights Clinic. They are very progressive and understand specific GLBT health concerns. I found them by simply conducting some local Google searching. I have to assume in Boston you will be able to find a similar progressive medical provider. It’s a shame your doctor was not willing to offer the vaccine or at least refer you to another office that would. I might try conducting a search for doctors who are listed as gay friendly in the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association website: You might have to call down more than a few offices but I should think you’ll have luck eventually!

  • Laevern

    Gardasil all HPV Vaccines

    How does a vaccine work when acquired immunity has not been established
    As in that is how vaccines work, Acquired immunity was seen and documented in man or animal and a vaccine was made that had this immunity in it ,

    The Vaccine has an immunity in it, to work small pox cow pox chicken pox
    the vaccine for small pox and chicken pox has this immunity cell structure so the body can learn the immunity

    HPV a Wart No NO no, a man or animal in history has not developed the immunity, never get anouther Wart {external, internal}

    warts plantar what ever
    their all a wart
    where they grow changes the name

    complicated they made it
    so they are lieing

    No MSDS
    nothing in government has the legal authority to make legal a product
    with no msds
    The product jumped through all the testing

    Merck are lieing and pretending to be somehow that authority

    Pharmacutical companys have not done this before
    and then try to force mandate an untested vaccine
    a vaccine that, science in making vaccines does not support Gardasil or any HPV Vaccines

    Their is some pilot project i noticed

    computer program
    Animated computer program to look like people and
    get them to say what they would like to say
    News government
    To make Gardasil look legal
    you have noticed
    its a lot bigger
    Criminal intelligences

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