Is This a Damning Report About the Mormon Church’s Involvement in Passing Proposition 8?

Over the next three weeks, is anybody in the Perry trial going to bring up the M-word? No, not “marriage” — “Mormon.” With the LDS Church insisting it only donated some $2k in cash and $20k in legal services, evidence suggests there’s something a little more nefarious going on. And this is the stuff not of speculation or rumormongering, but concrete data — money spent on Internet, multimedia, and advertising campaigns; yard signs, propaganda — that points to their overarching involvement and influence in ProtectMarriage.com’s campaign to pass Prop 8. So why would anyone bring this up at Perry?

There’s plenty of other ammo that the plaintiffs’ attorneys, Ted Olson and David Boies, can load up in Vaughn Walker’s courtroom. But part of their strategy relies on convincing Walker the defendants’ based their campaign in promoting discrimination. Evidence that shows there was religious-based discrimination at play in what should be a secular matter might bolster their argument. And Olson/Boies are already trying to introduce the television ads from the “Yes On 8” campaign, which the Mormon Church stands accused of funding.

Or maybe they’ll just leave the M-word to the IRS, which is being pressured to investigate the LDS’s Church’s tax-exempt status.