Is Twitter Blocking Pro-Prop 8 Tweets From the Perry Trial?

Is Twitter censoring the #Prop8 posts from supporters of the California measure? That’s the claim being made by the Alliance Defense Fund, the fringe group that’s partnered with ProtectMarriage.com to defend Prop 8 in Perry. Tweets from accounts including @AllianceDefense @ADFmedia @AllianceAlert @ProtectMarriage aren’t showing up in Twitter’s search results, they claim, meaning live coverage like ours are filtering the anti-gay 140-character notes. And now there are lawyers involved!

On Wednesday, counsel for Alliance Defense contacted Twitter — which, like so many tech start-ups, is based in San Francisco, where Perry is being tried — to demand the censorship stop. And whether there was real censorship, or Twitter gave in, it appears some of tweets are back in Twitter’s search results, as this query shows. (Joe Eskenazi finds some accounts remained censored.)

Well maybe that explains why NOM’s Maggie Gallagher is forced to point to live coverage of the Perry trial … being produced by Prop 8 opponents.