Isaiah Washington’s Pro-Mo Musings Will Be Televised

Isaiah Washington‘s making a special reconciliatory trip to Gayville. The Grey’s Anatomy star came under fire for his faggot flinging – a liberal linguistic lob that led to TR Knight‘s coming out – and now he’s appearing in two GLAAD-sponsored public service announcements.

Our black sister Lauren Williams over at Stereohyped tipped us off to this Us Weekly “exclusive”, which reads:

Says an insider, “Isaiah is committed to making amends.”

The actor’s publicist, Howard Bragman, confirmed the ad on Wednesday. “We’re gonna have – I want to say at least two versions of it at this point,” Bragman said. “We may broaden our message a little.”

Well, we’re just tickled a pretty shade of pink. Not only because we endorse rehabilitated, apologetic Washington’s publicist-endorsed efforts – which we do, begrudgingly), but also in eager anticipation for the announcement itself. What the hell can he say? Something like, “It’s not nice to call someone a faggot backstage” and then, “It’s not nice to call someone a faggot at the Golden Globes”? Hopefully they’ve got good screen writer’s. Also, we’re so pleased to know that Washington and GLAAD’s friendship lives on. Mazel to the t-o-v!