Justice Minister Shrugs, Turns Back

Israeli Gays Lash Out At Insurance Snub

Israel’s Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann amended the nation’s inheritance laws yesterday and guess what? Friedmann decided to cut out gays and rewrite inheritance rights between men and women. Why? Some claim he’s bowing to conservative pressure, but Friedmann denies those claims.

Whatever the reason, the gays ain’t having it. Activist Mike Hamel blasted Friedmann’s decision – and tenure:

Since the beginning of his miserable term, the justice minister has been resolute to set Israel back 30 years… It is disheartening to see that the justice minister, whose role is to promote equality before the law, is disenfranchising the gay community. We strongly condemn his decision to redraft inheritance laws, which will severely affect homosexual couples.

The Justice Minister, meanwhile, says gays fall under “man and wife”. The law used to apply to “partners who live together in a common household,” which, in case you’re unaware, doesn’t mean man and wife.

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