It Took Real World‘s Ryan 4 Episodes To Call Preston a ‘Fag’

How did The Real World: New Orleans‘s Ryan Leslie follow up last week’s disgust over two men having sex? By calling Preson Robertson-Charles a “fucking fag.” Great! (Spoilers ahead.)

Despite that single instance of cuddling between Ryan and Preston, Ryan’s reaction to having a gay in the house has been wretched. That’s mostly tied to Ryan’s own insecurities, derived from people calling him gay his whole life. So he’s got his hang ups!

He’s also got an anger problem.

Where to start? How about Preston’s coming out story, and Ryan’s roots in insecurity.

Then the roommates hit up McDonald’s, and this is where the shit really hits the fan, because nothing goes better with salty french fries than “fag.”

Now let’s see what they say about each other behind their backs!

And it’s like jeez, Preston, you’re “ruining” the way Ryan thinks about all gay people. Also: The reason you’re a homo, Preston, is because you can’t get girls!

Now let the disgusting pranks start. Preston pees on Ryan’s toothbrush, and Ryan does disgusting things with Preston’s cigarettes in a way that gives a whole new meaning to “smoking a fag.”

Now let’s reflect on our use of language. Even Preston uses the F-word.

Everybody wins.