It Took Real World‘s Ryan 4 Episodes To Call Preston a ‘Fag’

How did The Real World: New Orleans‘s Ryan Leslie follow up last week’s disgust over two men having sex? By calling Preson Robertson-Charles a “fucking fag.” Great! (Spoilers ahead.)

Despite that single instance of cuddling between Ryan and Preston, Ryan’s reaction to having a gay in the house has been wretched. That’s mostly tied to Ryan’s own insecurities, derived from people calling him gay his whole life. So he’s got his hang ups!

He’s also got an anger problem.

Where to start? How about Preston’s coming out story, and Ryan’s roots in insecurity.

Then the roommates hit up McDonald’s, and this is where the shit really hits the fan, because nothing goes better with salty french fries than “fag.”

Now let’s see what they say about each other behind their backs!

And it’s like jeez, Preston, you’re “ruining” the way Ryan thinks about all gay people. Also: The reason you’re a homo, Preston, is because you can’t get girls!

Now let the disgusting pranks start. Preston pees on Ryan’s toothbrush, and Ryan does disgusting things with Preston’s cigarettes in a way that gives a whole new meaning to “smoking a fag.”

Now let’s reflect on our use of language. Even Preston uses the F-word.

Everybody wins.

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  • walt

    the dude with the plucked eyebrows is NOT gay? you sure?

  • TJ

    OK. He’s a total dick. But that black guy is an a complete asshole.

  • FemmeFatale

    Is it just me? Or does anyone think Ryan seems like the type to be a drag queen down the line – mean bitchy attitude, refuses to do dishes cuz he’s above that, plucks his eyebrows to a perfect arch, already has the long hair just needs to let it grow a bit more, skinny body frame with not much muscle tone at all – and he’s a “hair stylist”.

  • Mike L.

    Ok I don’t like Ryan think he’s a prick whether he is a closet case or not, who cares, he’s not someone I’d like to have on my side fo the sexual spectrum.

    But Preston is very annoying, why does he feel it’s his business to try and change a homophobe like Ryan, he’s just wasting his time and making himself look bad doing it.


    I am 100% absolutley certain without a shadow of a doubt there has been more than one p e n i s in some part of Miss Ryan Leslies body………..

    Was watching the show with one of my straight friends and I commented about Preston being Gay he replied “you mean there are two Gay dudes on the show this season”?

    That bitch even activates a straight dudes Gaydar!!

  • M.V.S.

    They’re both annoying, and should leave each other alone. Also I feel that Preston has a crush on Ryan, since he always up Ryan’s ass.

  • Baxter

    Ryan is insecure with his sexuality and overcompensates with homophobia. Preston is bitter that Ryan won’t sleep with him and overcompensates by bullying him. Can we get both of these bitches off the show? Although then the entire episode would’ve just been Knight and Jemmye slurring sweet nothings in each others ears and McKenzie saying insightful things like “[blacking out] is something that tends to happen when I’ve been drinking too much”. This show is way past its sell by date.

    I also found it very strange that MTV bleeped “fag” and “faggot” every time in the episode except once, as if they wanted to make sure the audience understood what word they were censoring.

  • Jorge

    What really bothered me about this episode was that there obviously was going to be no conclusion or real closure. The cast is remarkable unexceptional and they certainly aren’t equipped enough to turn these situations into “teaching moments.” Fag and faggot was being flipped thrown around as though it is something much lighter.

    I don’t want to be melodramatic, but faggot is the word that we hear when we’re being beat up and killed in the streets. It’s a very big deal. I think it was irresponsible of the network to frame the issue as just another fight, and I think it is sad that the other roommates all seemed so hands-off about it.

  • ForeverGay

    Unfortunately, I have a feeling Ryan Leslie will commit suicide in the future. He clearly is gay and can’t deal with it. If he does come out I don’t know how he will reconcile himself for what he’s done on the show.

    The Real World cast competes on the Road Rules/ Real World challenges. Have you noticed practically all the gay cast members are average physically both in terms of height and weight while the heterosexual male cast members are WAY above average in height and weight. The gay men are severely disadvantaged physically but also socially because the haterosexual males want them out first. Gay cast members are over 50% likely to be selected for elimination in the first round and over 70% likely in the second round. This same pattern of casting happens on Big Brother, Amazing Race and Survivor which are all on a Viacom channel like Real World.

  • Samwise

    Wow. At this point, Knight is pretty much the only likable guy in the house. I liked Preston before, but… well, I’ve got germophobic tendencies, and peeing on someone’s toothbrush is a huge no-no.


    @ForeverGay:On the physical side you are correct. On the social side, there have been lots of straight/Gay friendships over the years on all the shows you mention. In BB many of the Gays have made it pretty far. We didn’t even know then but a Gay person won a BB (Drew, who I was seriously crushing on). And while he wasn’t actually open, Crazy James made a bunch of Gay porn (PS: He is massivly well hung)made it pretty far And on Survivor two openly Gay persons actually won the million dollars. Richard Hatch and Todd Herzog. There are lots of shows that really do damage to the Gays, this batch not so much………

  • jimmy

    this season as a higher rate of douchebagery then jersey shore

  • Joshua

    Okay while Ryan is being a big douche bag now Preston is just doing everything he can to instigate further issues. Preston i sbeing a ‘little bitch’ so quite frankly i feel no sympathy for him. Plus, he is quite hideous and I like my TV gays hot and I’m not ashamed to admit that shallow fact. :) Bring back Mikey! EVen thought he was sort of stupid.

  • Hilarious

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Omg I knew that Drew guy was guy! The dar was pinging all over the place, but for whatever reason I doubted myself HA!

    As far as The Real Dumb World goes I’m surprised anyone even cares or feels sorry for poor Ryan being picked on no matter what the reason.

  • Hilarious

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Omg I knew that Drew guy was gay! The dar was pinging all over the place, but for whatever reason I doubted myself HA!

    As far as The Real Dumb World goes I’m surprised anyone even cares or feels sorry for poor Ryan being picked on no matter what the reason.

  • L.

    It’s been obvious for some time that Ryan was a douche, but – as much as it hurts me to say so about a gay man – I fear Preston is playing catch-up, and being very good at it. You just don’t p*ss on someone’s toothbrush. You just don’t.

  • ForeverGay

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Drew is heterosexual. The gay male contestants are always marginalized from the start on these shows because the heterosexual males don’t want to be around them unless they have a plan. The gay men are always forced to be with one of the women or just float around. Remember in Real World: Philadelphia Karamo, MJ and Landon were the best of friends until Karamo came out then MJ and Landon distanced themselves from him.

  • adman

    Ryan is clearly a Borderline Personality. The kid can’t understand himself without picking apart others’ boundaries, like the bitch-bred little insect that he is. Seriously, he is one step away from saving him bowel movements in ziploc bags to demonstrate how nasty other people are. I wonder what other little tricks his disapproving mother taught him? This is one feature of Queerty that I kind off like, since it reminds me how much I find watching the slo-mo emergence of a nascent psychotic to be anything but entertaining. I mean train wreck, necks craning, sure, but how much is enough?

  • So Over it!!

    Okay so this is a very sad case of cat and mouse on both ends!!

    Camera whores and just being plain whores!!

    And of course they will kiss and make up and be bff!! (LAME)!!!

  • drums

    I don’t watch these shows a lot so I’m not 100% sure, but I seem to remember the gay castmember JD (from the season with Ayiiia and Chet, I don’t remember the city or the other people’s names) hanging out with and being really close to the heterosexual guys and not getting along with the girls. I remember that whole season was kind of like guys vs. girls in terms of not getting along, even though one girl was MTF trans and one guy was gay. I don’t think you can say the gay castmembers are “always” marginalised–exceptions to every rule, and all.

    Not that my dim memories have anything to do with the main article. On a more relevant note, that Ryan kid is a douche.


    @ForeverGay: If you use the googles you will see that Drew officialy come out a while ago. And again Explain Todd and Richard from Survivor fully openly Gay yet they both won their seasons. How about the last season of the Challange? Ryan was totally accepted by both of the warring factions of the house and actually made it pretty far in the competition.

  • Jimmy

    All of these twats deserve each other.

  • franco

    i know lot of guys like ryan …they want to be know as str8 and in closet because they are just to scared to come out …they use woman as there cover up so ppl dont think there gay ….most hairdresser are gay guys

  • ForeverGay

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Richard won because he was the only one to catch food regularly and the other two in the finale were more disliked than him. Richard floated around, he had no connections with any of the heterosexual male contestants. Todd won because he aligned with three female players. He was able to create a strong voting block that allowed him to get to the finale and then at the finale he talked his way into winning.

    Drew is heterosexual. Another person named Drew Daniels did come out as gay.

  • ender1108

    Wait but dont u remember that Ryan rubbed his ass on each one of preston’s cigarettes. It’s definitely even with the toothbrush if not worst.

  • ToddStephens

    WHY is Ryan so obsessed in detail about Preston and his sex life, to the point that it infuriates him? Ryan resembles a classic closet case, only that closet has a glass door.

  • franco

    Ryan is so scared to come out of the close….because he probably dose want his family to know or that he pissed that Preston is getting more ass then he is and i think woman in house kind of know this that Ryan is a closet case

  • Lisa Perelli

    In the third video clip, even Ryan’s brother asks why he is so bothered by Preston. That silly queen is all a-twitter and it’s hilarious!

    BTW: PRESTON! Kate Gosselin called from 2008 and said you can keep her silly hairdo and horrible frost job.

  • oklie

    you guys are morons, theres ALOT of guys who are really feminine/metro… and ryan is not remotely gay, When someone KEEPS saying to ur face *ur gay ur gay ur gay LAWL LAWL i know ur gay* would piss me off too

  • franco

    oklie …..your so full of SH*t …..i have talked to many str8 guys and they all told me, that no str8 man acts that way .

  • Coa

    @Franco Oh, yeah, asking a bunch of uninformed meat-heads for their heterocentric gender perceptions is a really scientific way to determine what does and doesn’t constitute a sexual oriention. I suppose you think all “real” gay men have to be materialistic, effeminate ditzes, too? Did you learn how to “be gay” from watching Bravo reality shows? I feel sorry you – Do yourself a favor, turn off the TV and open a psychology text book. Gender roles are culturally-determined, not biological – There are effeminate straight men just as much as there are masculine gay men.

  • Terren

    The Urkel looking guy is annoying as hell. I would have called him that on day 1

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