It’s Too Bad Westboro’s Megan Phelps Didn’t Get a Chance to Perform On Stage With Lady Gaga

So the stupids at the Westboro Baptist Church went to the Lady Gaga concert on Saturday in St. Louis. But they weren’t there to dance along to the choreography of “Bad Romance”; they were there to wave around their silly signs. And The Gags totally took their bait.

“There appears to be little to no hope for her, but who is to say what is doing with the souls of those who may be swarming to listen to your less-than-beautiful singing program?,” Westboro wrote of the singer on its website. Fired back Gaga: “Although I respect and do not judge anyone for their personal views on any politics or religion, this group in particular to me is violent and dangerous. I wanted to make my fans aware of my views on how to approach, or rather not approach, these kinds of hate activists.” And: “Tonight love and hate met in St. Louis. And love outnumbered the hate, in poetic thousands. Hate left. But love stayed. + Together, we sang.”

Ooh, snap! Them’s be fighting words. Like these!

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