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“I’ve been in love with both men and women.” ‘Top Model’ contender Marvin Cortes comes out.


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Former America’s Next Top Model contestant and perpetual thirst trap Marvin Cortes has come out of the closet.

The fashionista took to Instagram August 1 to share the news with his followers in a heartfelt video.

“I want to let you guys know I’m coming out as openly bisexual,” Cortes says, grinning wide, in the clip. “I’ve been in love with both men and women, and I’m proud to be part of the gay community in my personal life. I just want to share that with you, now, publicly online. I just want to say thank you for your support; I’ve never been happier. I look forward to living more of an authentic life and sharing that with you.”

Cortes then went on to say that he’s stayed publicly closeted until now out of respect for his family; he’s not someone to discuss his personal life in public. He also alluded to a bit of homophobia in his family, which has kept him silent until now.

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“I want them to know that I’ve delayed this as much as possible because I respect them very much,” Cortes says. “I respect their values. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way they think, even if that means they don’t accept my lifestyle or how I am. I’m never going to stop loving them. I know it’s going to be hard for them to accept.”

Cortes also went on to say he’s the only queer member of his family, and also hinted that he’s tried to change his orientation in the past. He also said he wants to offer a role model to other kids–particularly in very traditional Latino families–who are also living in the closet. Cortes also reaffirmed that he wants to have children someday as a loving, queer dad.


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“I love you guys,” Cortes concludes. “Thank you for the support. I’ve never been happier; I have plenty of love in my life. I’m accepting of myself, and I hope that if you’re in my shoes or have ever been in my shoes or are still in my shoes–know that it’s going to get better. You don’t have to feel so much pain and anger. Channel that into something creative or something that will make you successful so that you can be the most successful gay person in your family, which I plan on being. Thank you guys!”

Marvin Cortes first rose to international fame on Season 20 of America’s Next Top Model in 2013, where he placed runner-up in the competition. He’s since appeared in ads for GUESS, Hugo Boss, Samsung and Coca-Cola.

Welcome to the family, Marvin. And now, for some Instagram shots…