fun.’s Jack Antonoff A “Lesbian”, Would Have Epic “Gay-Off” With Girlfriend Lena Dunham


It would be a really epic tie. We both have so many wonderful gay people in our lives. People identify with other people for different reasons, and I personally am really comfortable around lesbians because, in some ways, we view women the same way. I’ve never really identified with the way a typical alpha-male views women. It’s always an awkward forum for me to hang out with another guy and talk about girls, because I can’t really find a way to fit in. I’ve never really had those big macho alpha qualities.”

“So a lot of my lesbian friends have this way that they talk about women, and in the way they connect with them I just feel a little bit more comfortable. Which kind of makes me think that maybe I’m a straight man with, like, lesbian chemicals. I think you can be a man who loves a woman but love someone the way a gay man loves another man or a woman loves a woman.”

fun. guitarist Jack Anotnoff responding to a question from PrideSource about who would win a “gay-off” between him and girlriend Lena Dunham.

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  • yaoming

    I have no idea who this guy is or what he’s talking about.

  • Ogre Magi

    @yaoming: Me either, but he is adorkable! Yum Yum

  • balehead

    He’s such a glass closet case…

  • balehead

    isn’t the whole band gay??

  • Jay

    He is so cute. They all are. When I listen to Nate singing the word “girl,” though…not so much fun.

  • Jay

    @yaoming and Ogre Magi:


    Their current album SOME NIGHTS is my favorite pop or rock record in 7 years. You may have heard “We Are Young” before.

  • yaoming

    “Adorkable” is hot.

  • Brian

    Oh no, not another straight guy claiming to be lesbian!! I thought they became extinct sometime around 1995.

    I wish they would just go away. Just go, scat, vamoose. They don’t understand gender and they don’t understand our sexuality.

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