Watching, Listening, Judging

Jam. Rev. Warns Pols. On Gays

America hardly has a monopoly on crazy Evangelicals.

Jamaica’s Bishop Herro Blair used Sunday’s services to warn politicians – including PM Portia Simpson Miller and unabashedly homophobic opposition leader Bruce Golding, who were both in attendance – that he and his brethren will be watching their move as general election campaigns resume after a month break, “Our cameras are on zoom lens and we are going to listen to the speeches as of Tuesday.”

Watching and listening? That’s some serious shit.

Blair also told politicos that while Jamaica will always have its share of immoralists, politicians can protect their nation – and their eternal souls – by taking a righteous stand against some of the world’s hot button issues:

To legalize the murder of an unborn child and to legalize same-sex marriage – it is not here yet – but it is a slap in the face to the Almighty God.

And, to those Jamaicans worried about the Church’s alleged impotence, Blair insists, “I don’t care what nobody has to say, it has not lost its powers.” While we’d love to say he’s wrong, we’re pretty sure he’s on the money. Fucking hell, right?