Jamie Kirchick Reminds Everyone Dem Prez’s Have Done Squat For Gays

The New Republic’s James Kirchick says “Gays, don’t get your hopes up” in an op-ed today. Kirchick points out that while it’s nice that an Obama administration will be sympathetic to gay causes, neither it or the Democratically controlled Congress is likely to do anything at the federal level about same-sex marriage. Kirchick’s makes some salient points amid race baiting comments like “It’s worth noting that many of the voters in Obama’s winning coalition, notably blacks, remain culturally conservative – and helped those referenda prevail.” [NY Daily News]

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  • Inertia_90

    I hadn’t. The best thing that can be said about Obama regarding gay rights as that he’s not as bad as Sarah Palin.

  • Othniel

    The Hope really was not meant to include us, our families or our children. But meanwhile, I still get those click here e-mails.

  • The Gay Numbers

    I find this to be sad post mostly for its ignorance. Can you stop cutting and pasting and you know- actually do some analysis?

    You know the false equivalency stuff is cute, but really not factual. Here’s a reality check with just three examples off top my head:

    a) Obama has already resend Bush’s hiring policies in that Obama includes sexual orientation in his hiring policies for positions in within his adminstration. Did you or the writer know that? My guess is no.

    b) The Most important thing OBama will do is to appoint U.S. S. Ct justices who are open to arguments by gay advocacy groups. The courts make up right now is barely open with Kennedy on the court. Lawrence was decided on bare majority. Obama will appoint anywhere from 2-3 justices this term alone. Perhaps more. if you do not understand why this matters talk to some of the legal experts versus reporters at the various gay civil rights legal organizations like Lambda Legl, etc.

    c) Its funny you would post nate’s breakdown of the stats yesterday, and yet today you continue with the common wisdom about African Americans. African Americans re the least of your problem. More importantly, Obama has spoken directly tot he AA community about its views of homosexuality and discriminaton. You can look up the speeches yurself. I find it offensive that you have not.

  • sparkle obama

    …if you children continue to play into this ignorance, i will have to pull out my goddamned ponytail and beat you with it!
    make obama work for Us by WORKING WITHIN THE SYSTEM.
    you don’t have to love jesus, but you do need to speak and act correctly, if you want respect in this world.
    this election is symbolic of Change, and we have to turn this TEMPORARY SETBACK into an opportunity for us to
    do you hear me?
    what did i just say???
    LEAD BY EXAMPLE, you onery little monsters!

  • Japhy Grant

    @The Gay Numbers: we do lots of analysis, but sometimes, we post stuff for discussion. As to your point about African Americans, you’ll notice I cite his quote as an example of race-baiting, not fact.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Japhy Grant: The reason swiftboating worked Kerry was the endless repetition. Even when one says “this is race baiting” it keeps the argument alive.

  • sparkle obama

    @The Gay Numbers:

    thank you!

    “…because when they show they booty, we got’s to check em!”
    – viveca a. fox

  • sparkle obama

    @Japhy Grant:
    >>we do lots of analysis, but sometimes, we post stuff for discussion. As to your point about African Americans, you’ll notice I cite his quote as an example of race-baiting, not fact.<<

    yes, darling but you don’t want to end up like the WOW report.
    don’t dig a hole your ass can’t climb out of!

  • CitizenGeek

    Of course nothing is going to be done about gay marriage. Obama doesn’t support marriage, and gay marriage doesn’t even get the support of the majority in CALIFORNIA. It’s not going to happen on a federal level any time soon. I think we can expect some good, pro-gay legislation though.

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