Jane Lynch, PETA, Try To Sink Atlanta Pride’s Aquarium Party

Jane Lynch is much nicer than Sue Sylvester, the curmudgeonly cheerleading coach she plays on Glee, but the actress is mighty miffed at organizers of Atlanta Pride, for scheduling their kickoff party at the Georgia Aquarium.

“These parties are supposed to be loud and boisterous—it’s a celebration!” writes Lynch in a note to Buck Cooke, Managing Director of Atlanta Pride. “However, animals shouldn’t have to suffer for the sake of a party. Many of the marine mammals at the aquarium are extremely sensitive to sound, and large parties create an even more stressful environment than they already endure in captivity… Since the kickoff party sets the tone for all of Pride, will you please consider moving it to one of the many alternative venues that Atlanta has to offer?”

And that’s how Sue Jane sees it.

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