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Jasmine Kennedie dishes on Daya Betty and what viewers didn’t see during the girl group challenge

Jasmine Kennedie, photo courtesy of Viacom

Season 14 of RuPaul’s Drag Race has reached its finale—the big event will be broadcast on April 22—and we are sad to say goodbye to yet another group of (mostly) beloved queens. Of course, the next question is: who will be brought back for a season of “Drag Race All Stars”?

That’s one of the questions that we posed to Season 14’s Jasmine Kennedie, the vivacious and memorable contestant from Season 14 with the “relentlessly positive attitude” (as described by castmate Lady Camden).  Jasmine very notably did not answer our “All Stars” question—perhaps because she has already been cast, or she is bitter about being skipped? Only time will tell. But she did tell us about what she thought about her elimination, her most embarrassing moment on the show, and what she has in common with her best frenemy Daya Betty.

When you were eliminated in Episode 11, that massive lip sync “LollapaRuza” must have been exhausting. How stressful was it for you and the other contestants?

Honestly I had a lot of fun that day. I think everyone handled it differently as the day went on. Once it got to the last two lip syncs, you could feel the energy shift in a more serious direction.

When you were told to Sashay Away, you exited the show with such grace. Did you think it was “your time” to go?

I was happy with how I presented myself, up to that point. In terms of track record, it was definitely my time to go. Do I think I should have gone home? No. But that is why I wasn’t upset when I was eliminated. It made sense and I agreed with the judges.

How many lipsticks did you use to write your epic farewell message on the mirror?

It’s so funny you ask, because they almost had to grab another one. I went through a good 3/4 of that lipstick.


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What is your relationship like with Daya Betty now?

We have turned over a new leaf. I’m very happy that we had a long conversation about our feelings and it made us a lot closer than I think either of us expected. We have a lot of respect for each other and love each other. We have very similar personalities, and in high stress environments that doesn’t always mesh. Now that we are out of it, our relationship dynamic has shifted to a much more positive one.

Was there a moment that was particularly spicy or heartfelt that you wish would have made it into the final edit?

There is a very funny thing that happened to me in the girl group challenge. During one of our takes, right as the music starts, my breastplate starts to slowly come undone. And by the time I’m done with the number, my tits were to my belly button. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even hold the closing pose for five seconds before running off the sound stage to safely pin it together.

Why do you look so much like Alyssa Edwards in your brown wigs?

That’s a great question that I don’t know the answer to. I definitely think it has to do with facial features and our personalities, but I’ll take the “Alyssa doppelganger” compliments any day!

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