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Jay Bakker: Young Christians Are Keeping Homophobia Alive

If it was just a generational thing, then the answer for gay-affirming Christians would be to just start youth churches. But that’s not it. There’s this church in Seattle that has thousands of people, many of them young. But they’re not gay-affirming; they don’t even let women preach. One of the most popular churches in New York City for young Christians doesn’t fully welcome LGBT people. Then you look at the Lutherans — the ELCA [Evangelical Lutheran Church in America] said just a few years ago that they allow gay couples in relationships to be on staff and serve as pastors. They’re not exactly the youngest denomination in the world. Some of my biggest critics are people my age and younger. Legalism is still alive and well in the church because it seems to make sense. It’s “Work hard, do good, and be accepted by what you do, not who you are.”

—Jay Bakker, the “evangelical punk preacher” and son of Jim Bakker and the late Tammy Faye Bakker, doesn’t think gay acceptance will automatically increase as The Olds die off [via]