Jim Naugle Revives Toilet Crusade

Jim Naugle simply can’t quit. The Fort Lauderdale mayor used his column in the latest tax-funded Focus On Fort Lauderdale to again take on toilet trolling.

Naugle, who famously proposed robo-toilets to curb cruising, writes:

Imagine my dismay this past summer when I learned that a tourism website was listing one of our main children’s parks as a location for men to meet for sex. And then, we discovered that other parks and public places were listed on other websites on the Internet.

Some denied that these activities were taking place. The Police Department made arrests, but I know the problem is not completely eliminated. I am hopeful that we are successful in curtailing these illegal activities in the future.

Floridian gay activists aren’t having it – Fight Out Loud say Naugle’s comments lead “to an atmosphere of hate and violence.”