Joe Solmonese Is Smiling Because Keeping DADT Alive Keeps His Job Alive

It’s sort of funny — no, it’s hilarious — to see HRC chief Joe Solmonese go on the teevee and claim “there was a path forward” to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and then proceed to blame “everybody involved in this process” for “let[ting] the community down” following yesterday’s vote. That includes “the White House, Democratic leadership, the Republicans who supported this bill,” and John McCain … but not the Human Rights Campaign! Asked by CNN’s John King whether repealing DADT can still be done by the end of the year, Solmonese responds, “After a day like today, who knows.” Promise, promises, Joe.

Anderson Cooper says yesterday’s vote means the “likely death” of repeal. But who to blame? Harry Reid for pushing the vote too soon? Obama for not pushing for repeal sooner? Like when Democrats had control of every branch of government? But the president wants the Senate to vote again, and “Democratic aides” say it’s totes doable.