Joe Solmonese Is Smiling Because Keeping DADT Alive Keeps His Job Alive

It’s sort of funny — no, it’s hilarious — to see HRC chief Joe Solmonese go on the teevee and claim “there was a path forward” to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and then proceed to blame “everybody involved in this process” for “let[ting] the community down” following yesterday’s vote. That includes “the White House, Democratic leadership, the Republicans who supported this bill,” and John McCain … but not the Human Rights Campaign! Asked by CNN’s John King whether repealing DADT can still be done by the end of the year, Solmonese responds, “After a day like today, who knows.” Promise, promises, Joe.

Anderson Cooper says yesterday’s vote means the “likely death” of repeal. But who to blame? Harry Reid for pushing the vote too soon? Obama for not pushing for repeal sooner? Like when Democrats had control of every branch of government? But the president wants the Senate to vote again, and “Democratic aides” say it’s totes doable.

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  • Cam

    Where are all the knee jerk Obama defenders coming in here to explain to us why it would have been much worse to push this through when he first came into office while the GOP was in a shambles and scrambling? Oh thats right…what was it you said? He had a plan?

  • SteveC

    Joe Solmonese needs to resign and HRC needs to disband.

    Neither HRC not Solmonese are fit for purpose.

  • shelleybear

    The fault lies squarely on the shoulders of our president Barry NØbama.
    The behavior of the Republicans could be easily anticipated.
    As could the fact that the Democrats were going to lose the house.
    None of this would have mattered if the president had simply chosen NOT to appeal the two court rulings labeling D.A.D.T. as unconstitutional.
    It should, by all rights, have been a non-issue.
    But NØbama insisted on making it one by trying to force it through legislation.
    At his best, he is a glory hound who insisted on trying to earn street cred with the GBLT constituency.
    At his worst there is a strong probability that NØbama is a barely closeted homophobe.
    You decide.

  • gregger

    The fault for the failure to repeal DADT lies with the President, and the Democratic leadership. With the ability to invoke cloture in the Senate and the majority in the House this matter was a no brainer. It should have been done. I’m not giving any money to the Democrats until they fix their mess.

    By the way Joe Solmonese and HRC need to just go the fuck away. They are a useless as tits on a boar.

  • justiceontherocks

    Why does anyone give HRC money? I have no clue what they’ve ever done to deserve support.

  • edgyguy1426

    When the HRC recruits start stopping people on the street here near the Northwestern Univ campus in Illinois, I go up to the people they’re talking to and try and talk them out of giving to HRC telling then they haven’t done much to warant the funds.

  • jason

    Does anyone think it’s a bit rich that Anderson Cooper is railing against DADT? I mean, isn’t he a practitioner of DADT in relation to his own private life? No wonder the GLBT community is so screwed.

    With friends like Anderson Cooper, who needs enemies?

  • Joe

    It is NOT in the best interest of the HRC or the Democratic Party to pass DADT.
    Pink money has been coming in and if this passed both groups would see huge funding drops.
    Their purposes are served by dangling the carrot at us.

    It is clear from all parties in the first video that it feel apart because of Reid. It couldn’t be more clear that the Democrats are the ones who let this happen.

  • libhomo

    Slmonese definitely should be fired. The failure to pass an inclusive ENDA means that the HRC is completely pathetic.

  • Aneisha

    Surprisingly well-written and infomaritve for a free online article.

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