John Amaechi Hearts, Publicizes American Airlines

Airline endorsed magazines aren’t the gold standard for journalism. We know this, but, for some dumb reason, we expect them to at least pretend to be interested in journalistic integrity. Sadly, American AirlinesAmerican Way is not. Their “interview” with out B-Baller John Amaechi reads like an infomercial. And a cheaply done one, at that.

Most of the questions revolve around Amaechi’s American Airline experience and how he spends his layovers in their “Admirals Club”. It’s understandable a free airline rag would sink to such lows, but we’re disappointed in Amaechi for such a bold endorsement. Now, before you start defending the 36-year old jock, check out his “final thoughts”:

After I came out as an openly gay athlee, my book generated 300 interviews in 25 American cities in just over three months. What made that grueling pace bearable was the wonderful AA staff on the ground and in the air… Thank you, American Airlines!

Amaechi’s not entirely loyal to American Airlines. The Brit recently appeared at a Virgin America event.