John Edwards Gets More Gay Love

John Edwards got some good news today. Q-Notes – the “leading gay news source of the Carolinas” – decided to endorse the controversially coiffed candidate. From Out For Edwards:

After a series of meetings between the editors, the staff and the publisher, Q-Notes has endorsed John Edwards for President. His concrete, progressive policy positions (including steadfast support for pro-LGBT issues), his commitment to returning power to the people from moneyed special interests, his outstanding polling strength against the Republicans and his positive impact for down-ticket candidates nationwide combine to make him the best candidate in the race.

Q-Notes encourages all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender voters to support John Edwards in the primaries and beyond.

We’re not sure we’re going to take you up on that offer, Q-Notes. We’re still undecided, but rest assured we’ll be taking a stand soon enough.

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