John Stamos Reveals Where He’s Been Hiding His Sex Tapes

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We’ve got to give Howard Stern some credit here. When you have John Stamos sitting across from you and it’s becoming clear that the actor is willing to be completely candid on any subject you suggest, there’s really only one place to take it: sex tapes.

Where are they? Who are they with? And when can we see them?

Well, OK, there are other worthy subjects of conversation, and Stern navigated them all well.

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The two talked about Stamos’ recent stint in rehab, the result of a DUI arrest in July.

“I coulda hurt somebody…It was really stupid and ignorant of me. I hated myself for that,” he told Stern.

Stamos also revealed he impregnated a woman early in his career.

“It was just bad timing,” he said. “It was sort of a mutual decision,” he added of their decision not to keep the baby. Now Stamos sees children as the “only thing that’s missing” from his life.

But let’s get to the real revelation.

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Somewhere, in a safe — we’re guessing in Stamos’ home — is a hard drive that contains his sex tapes.

He admits he doesn’t film himself often (actually, he said it’s the ladies who usually try to record the act – can you blame them?), but “for the few times I’ve done it, I have the video and I have it on a hard drive in my safe.”


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