Johnny Weir Claims Ex-Husband Beat Their Dog, Stole His Faberge Egg!

Johnny Weir-Voronov And Victor Weir-Voronov Official Birthday PartyIt appears as though Victor Voronov wasn’t the only one physically harmed during his tumultuous breakup with Olympic diva Johnny Weir — new legal documents obtained by TMZ claim Voronov was beating their precious pooch!

According to the documents, Tema, the adorable Japanese chin the couple shared, belonged to Weir because “he got Tema from a pet store, Tema slept on his side of the bed, Tema waited by the bathroom door when Johnny took a shower, and Tema followed Johnny all over the house.”

Earlier this month, Voronov broke into tears when Weir and his police escort removed the dog from their former shared home, a move we now know was allegedly for the dog’s safety. The former lovers are currently fighting for custody of the dog, but Weir alleges Voronov would “strike the dog with force on occasion when we were married.”

A monster!

Earlier this month, Weir says Victor put Tema in a bag, and claims the frightened pooch was “trying to claw his way out of the bag.”

Weir also alleges that Voronov ransacked their apartment after learning their divorce had gone public, stealing valuable items including a Faberge egg, A Louis Vuitton trunk, jewelry and an Hermes ashtray.

Twenty minutes later, Voronov insists Weir sent him a cryptic email that “threatened his life.”

For the love of Tema, boys, please stop fighting!

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  • Cam

    So what do we know so far.

    Weir admits that Voronov never touched him but he bit him hard enough that the police moved forward with it and it was only dismissed after Voronov asked the court to dismiss it.

    Weir supports puppy mills by getting a dog at a pet store.

    Oh, that’s right, and he supported and defended Russia’s treatment of gays.

    Once again, Weir can go fuck himself. And fuck Access Hollywood for hiring him.

  • DickieJohnson

    OMG, I swore that I wouldn’t keep up with this mess, but I can’t turn away from such a train-wreck, which is progressing from sadly silly, to FOFLMFAO! My loathing for both of them is having growth spurts, as well. Bitches, sell the G-D purse collection and feed some hungry people! Really, they do exist. Oh, and that Fabergé f**kin’ egg!

  • Manchester

    This is getting good.

  • SteveDenver

    They’re both ridiculous, but at least Voronov is cute. Weir is just wearing out any interest. Do a cavity check on Weir, I bet it will yield a Faberge egg, Balenciaga bags, and a few furs.

  • coffeeaugur

    And here I thought I was the only one that found Johnny Weir annoying.

  • Polaro

    Wow, he really needs to shut up. This is embarrassing.

  • Billy Budd

    These guys don’t know the importance of saving money for the future? They spend everything they have on luxury items and antiques!

  • asby

    are not Faberge Eggs not work in excess of 20 million dollars?…..Where did this queen get that kinda money?

  • Stefano

    @Polaro : yep. You are right.

    They sould make a show on tv for them : The Queens Of Queens ! or The Battle of The Queens ! or Six Queens under

  • phyllis.thicke.johnson

    ….which he’d ovulated himself.

  • modernfamilyfan

    read the divorce documents that are online for the crazy claims Voronov is making including that Weir forced him out of the closet.

  • Cam


    Or we could just read the papers to see that Weir defended Russia and the Russian govts. treatment of gays and attacked gay activists.

    You’ve been on here trying to continually defend Weir. Sorry, at this point it’s just sad.

  • richard

    “ZSA ZSA & EVA, need to stop being PRINCESS’es and Just Divorce already. Mary Please. Faberge eggs really?

  • Cam



    Almost missed your post. Brilliant!

  • kevininbuffalo

    Yeh, if I were the insurance company I’d be skeptical about this claim!

  • stanhope

    @Cam: He’s the only one who would fuck him.

  • stanhope

    Kids, you really must learn to read more carefully. This is Johnny Weir we’re talking about after all. It isn’t a Faberge egg….the crystal enchantress couldn’t afford one of those, it is an egg she sprayed Faberge Brut on to make it smell acceptably. I agree with an earlier comment: it is acknowledged that Victor never hit her eminence but she bit Victor to the point of police action. Her eminence is said to have been unfaithful yet I had read no similar allegation against Victor. The bottom line is that Johnny Weir is pond scum who is a character of ridicule being used by the media to give America amusement. Dump this bitch for turning Victor into a bottom. LOL

  • stanhope

    @modernfamilyfan: Doll she did force Victor out of the closet….if only you had the chance to cum upon the crystal enchantress’s kitty. It makes grown men fall to their knees for just a whiff. It is the Bermuda triangle of kitty. If you are so fortunate as to cum upon it’s presence and you look closely you will find the missing Malaysia 777 plane.

  • stanhope

    @richard: more like Roseanne and Jackie

  • Cam


    Please post on here more often. Those were hilarious!!!!

  • Dawson

    What is the common denominator with all things Johnny-boy——-PUBLICITY AND ATTENTION!

    Johnny-boy is Johnny-boy. Those who follow ice skating for years will tell you that Johnny-boy is all about attention seeking and being a spoiled brat.

    Did he burn his bridges in the skating world? Yes.

    So the network saw a great opportunity to increase their ratings by hiring him to do commentary. (Think Tim Tebow here) Nothing like getting someone who will say or do anything for attention.(not Tim Tebow here, just Johnny-boy). Funny but Johnny-boy actually was insightful when he wasn’t talking, and talking and talking about HIMSELF.

    So the skating season is over (unless you really believe the current world championship really means something).

    Johnny-boy what are you going to do for attention till the next Olympics? Tell me how that coloring book is going.

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