Johnny Weir Claims Ex-Husband Beat Their Dog, Stole His Faberge Egg!

Johnny Weir-Voronov And Victor Weir-Voronov Official Birthday PartyIt appears as though Victor Voronov wasn’t the only one physically harmed during his tumultuous breakup with Olympic diva Johnny Weir — new legal documents obtained by TMZ claim Voronov was beating their precious pooch!

According to the documents, Tema, the adorable Japanese chin the couple shared, belonged to Weir because “he got Tema from a pet store, Tema slept on his side of the bed, Tema waited by the bathroom door when Johnny took a shower, and Tema followed Johnny all over the house.”

Earlier this month, Voronov broke into tears when Weir and his police escort removed the dog from their former shared home, a move we now know was allegedly for the dog’s safety. The former lovers are currently fighting for custody of the dog, but Weir alleges Voronov would “strike the dog with force on occasion when we were married.”

A monster!

Earlier this month, Weir says Victor put Tema in a bag, and claims the frightened pooch was “trying to claw his way out of the bag.”

Weir also alleges that Voronov ransacked their apartment after learning their divorce had gone public, stealing valuable items including a Faberge egg, A Louis Vuitton trunk, jewelry and an Hermes ashtray.

Twenty minutes later, Voronov insists Weir sent him a cryptic email that “threatened his life.”

For the love of Tema, boys, please stop fighting!