Jon Cryer Knows That You Think He’s Gay But Wonders Why No Guys Hit On Him

jon-cryer-molly-ringwald-paramountWell, cry us a river, Jon Cryer.

In a video interview with the Huffington Post the Two and a Half Men actor acknowledges that everyone identifies him as gay, but he adds that he’s not, and by the way why don’t more gay men hit on him?

The co-star of your straight brother’s third-favorite sitcom added he has an “encyclopedic knowledge of showtunes,” and that “I’ve never been propositioned.”

This may be a veiled reference to Molly Ringwald’s offhand comments about him from a few years ago. She said that his Pretty in Pink character was gay, which he denied. Then she brought it up again, and made it more personal about Cryer himself: “he kind of had the gay vibe but is not gay.”

Jon seemed to throw his hands up in the air at the whole thing, though. “If everybody thinks I’m gay, why aren’t you guys coming on to me?”

Yeah, you heard the guy. He knows everything about showtunes, guys, why aren’t you coming on to him? Maybe it’s because he’s a troll.