Jonathan Groff And Friends Escape The City To Visit California’s Gay Playground

LOOKINGAfter the dramatic Richie vs. Kevin cliffhanger that ended season one of HBO’s Looking, it’s little wonder that Jonathan Groff‘s character Patrick needed a little R&R. In a first peek at the season two, courtesy of EW, Patrick and pals Dom (Murray Bartlett) and Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez) head out of San Francisco to enjoy bear country in the gay enclave of Russian River.

Executive producer Andrew Haigh says, “All of them have been in flux since the end of the last season, and they’ve all been doing their own thing a little bit. This first episode is them being determined to spend more time together and go away to Russian River, which is, like, two hours outside San Francisco. It’s this really beautiful, tranquil place along the redwoods.”

Haigh also revealed good news for viewers who found the first season a bit too contemplative or slowly-paced. “I would say it’s certainly bigger but still true to what the show was always meant to be which is an intimate look at these people’s lives,” he added.

Season two premieres on HBO January 11. Watch a teaser here.